Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Star Trek (The 2009 Movie) - CADET UHURA!

Star Trek: Warp Collection - Cadet Uhura - Playmates 2009

2009's Star Trek movie was a perfect example of how amazing a well-done property reboot can be. It was exciting, funny, faithful to the original series, and I certainly left the theatre wanting to see more. For such a great movie though, the toys were pretty lackluster. In all my stores they just sat on the shelves for months collecting dust. I can't speak for everyone's reluctance to buy them, but I thought they looked awkward and sub-par to every other line out at the time. The character likenesses were way off-base. This Uhura doesn't look a thing like Zoe Saldana. The scale was another issue. If they would have been scaled to fit in with the DST Star Trek line, I would have definitely been more interested. But as is, we were presented with something very different than what the collector community was expecting. It's a real pity because a well-done toy line for this movie could have been very successful. This figure isn't horrible by any means, but it falls way short of its potential.  Let's check her out below!

My biggest problem with this figure (aside from her un-Zoe-like face sculpt) is her legs.  They seem like they lack any realistic curves around her knees and calves.  The limited upper-leg articulation makes her pose in a permanent "knock-kneed" position.  And the coloring doesn't match the rest of her skin.  Perhaps they are supposed to be tights, but I could find any photo references from the film suggesting that was the case.

Uhura comes with a Figure Stand, a Phaser, a Communicator, and a Tablet Computer.

A big surprise for me was the fact that her outfit is made from a super-flexible rubber.  Her skirt can be easily removed and her tunic could be removed as well if her head could pop of easily (I pulled on it but it seems connected pretty well.)  Take note of the old-fashioned T-crotch articulation.  This really limits her poseability.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with DST's Lieutenant Uhura from 2002.


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