Saturday, July 11, 2015

The New Batman Adventures - Bendable HARLEY!

The New Batman Adventures - Bendable Figures - Harley Quinn - NJCroce 2015

Bendies bendies bendies. I'm becoming inundated with these little amorphous beauties. About an hour ago I was showing my collection room to a very excitable five year old and her favorite thing by far was the Batgirl '66 bendie (that I reviewed last month) -- "because it's the sparkliest." I would add that a major factor in her choice was probably its placement at her eye level, but that's just nitpicking. It is a stunning little figure. A few years ago I would have never ever considered including bendable figures in my collection, but the quality and character selection of these recent NJ Croce figures has completely changed my tune. I'm greatly looking forward to adding more of these ladies in the coming years. Animated Poison Ivy and Catwoman are the logical next contenders, but I'd buy pretty much anything honestly. This Harley is a nice placeholder for the upcoming BTAS figure from DCC. I'm dying to compare these two when she finally comes out. Let's check out this bendable Harley below!

Time for Some Comparison Pics!