Monday, August 24, 2015

DC Collectibles Jae Lee CATWOMAN!

DC Comics Designer Series: Jae Lee - #4 Catwoman - DC Collectibles 2015

I think the thing the sets DC Collectibles apart from all the other action figure companies is their willingness to embrace different styles. Sure, with Mattel we will see comic, animated, and movie styles over the course of the years. But DCC has a long history of breaking down the comic portion of that trifecta into the gritty minutiae of artist-specific storylines. In the past, we've seen different versions of Selina in the styles of Jim Lee, Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson, and Amanda Conner (among others).  But now this year, DCC has seemingly fully embraced the celebrity factor of their artists and made new figures designed by Bruce Timm, Greg Capullo, and now Jae Lee. I've been a fan of Jae Lee since his Hellshock series used to scare me back in 1994.  I was thrilled when he started dabbling in DC Comics last year, and I'm even more thrilled his efforts have been immortalized in plastic. This is an absolutely stunning action figure. Let's check out Jae Lee's Catwoman below!

It takes a great sculptor to capture a unique drawing style in 3-D.  DCC brought in the big guns with Jonathan Matthews.  I have a hierarchy in my head of the best action figure sculptors.  But when you get near the top of that list it's almost impossible to choose who is the best.  Basically, he's tied for first place with 5 other artists.  Someday I'll try to narrow that list down.

The wrinkles and hard edges of her costume are awesome.  This is a very thoughtful sculpt.

Catwoman comes with a second head ( a googles-down version) and her trusty whip.
The whip is made of craft string with a sculpted plastic handle.

Be careful when swapping out her heads to avoid putting too much pressure on her cat ears.  They can bend really easily with the downward force of making the neck ball pop into place.

Here are a few images of Jae Lee's Catwoman from the comics.

The hip articulation is a little funny.  The front-to-back articulation is located at a normal leg-cut area.  but the side-to-side articulation is a little low on her hip and looks a little goofy when you have her in a split.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Jae Lee Wonder Woman (That I will be posting shortly).

And from Left to Right:  New 52 Catwoman, Jim Lee Hush Catwoman, Jae Lee Catwoman, 
Greg Capullo Catwoman, and Arkham City Catwoman.



  1. really nice. love the wrinkles on the suit

    1. It's a shame that we only ever see wrinkles like that when they are emulating different drawing styles (Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier, Jack Kirby's New Gods). But they look so good I'm surprised they don't add sculptural details like that to all figures.

  2. Shouldn't Wonder Woman be taller than her?
    Don't forget about these Jae Lee pictures of Selina:

  3. Okay just got done with this and I'm already adding this to the Amazon cart. What are you doing to me man? Lol!

    No but seriously, this figure looks awesome, and I can't wait to have it displayed on the shelf!

    1. It's all a conspiracy to bleed your accounts dry. I'm funded by all the major toy companies and the kid you made fun of in middle school. You figured us out!

      My Catwoman hasn't made it to the shelf yet, she's still on the coffee table so I can adore her daily :) (Plus my Catwoman shelf is frighteningly full.. I need to reorganize stat!)

    2. You need to supply us a pic of your trophy room someday! =D

  4. Replies
    1. I would generally agree. But the new Darwin Cooke Catwoman makes it difficult to choose.