Monday, September 14, 2015

Evolve - Funko Legacy Collection - VAL!

Funko Legacy Collection: Evolve - #02 Valerie "Val" Wolski - Funko 2015

I want nothing more than for Funko's Legacy line to be long and prosperous. There are enough properties to go around and they have produced some pretty great figures already. The only worry I have is about their license selection. Game of Thrones and Firefly seem like no-brainers. But Fantastic Mr. Fox, Book of Life, and Evolve don't seem like especially profitable choices. Hopefully the outrageous success of POPs and the myriad of other Funko products can float this line until it really finds its groove. Evolve is a videogame released for Playstation and XBox earlier this year. I don't personally play games, but this one sounds really interesting. The game enables 4 players to be hunters on the alien planet Shear, then a 5th player is the alien monster they are hunting. It sounds as if the title comes from the ability of the 5th player to kill other monsters and animals and absorb their traits -- evolving it into a bigger, badder beast. It sounds fun (and I would always play the monster!). Let's check out Val below!

Val is one of the playable hunters in the game.  She is a medic, a spy, and a sharpshooter (skilled at hitting the monsters with tranquilizers from afar).  She's also notable because she has a cool jetpack.

I think this Gentle Giant sculpt is pretty amazing.  Her face is gorgeous and I love the odd lip paint. That weird frown line gives her a great pissed-off expression.

The 3/4 view isn't as great as the head-on shot, but it's still very decent.

Val comes with her signature jetpack and her long-range sniper rifle.

Here are some images of Val from around the internet.

I took this picture at Walgreen's last night.  Apparently these figures have some packaging variations.  This alternate packaging is the same size as Walking Dead and Halo figures.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

With two other Funko Legacy Ladies:  Daenerys v2 and Nissa Revane.  It's kind of a bummer that the scales aren't more in sync.

And here she is with her wave-mate Maggie (review coming soon!)


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