Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marvel Legends - THUNDRA!

Marvel Legends - Hulkbuster Wave - Fearless Defenders - Hasbro 2015

To me, Thundra always seemed to be Marvel's attempt to create a Wonder Woman character with an extreme and gritty edge. She first appeared in the page of the Fantastic Four in 1972 as a time-travelling Amazon-like warrior seeking to defeat the Thing ("the strongest male warrior of all time") in combat and declare her dominance over all men. Thundra came from a future time when Earth was renamed Femizonia and the US is the United Sisterhood Republic. Men are subjugated and women rule absolutely. Thundra was genetically engineered and trained since birth to be a perfect warrior and she made the rounds in the Marvel Universe challenging other powerful heroes to battle. She's been a hero and an antogonist (I wouldn't say "villain" because her goals are never evil), and she's also notable for being the mother of Lyra. Lyra was conceived in the future from tissue samples of the Hulk, and for a while in the comics Lyra wore Thundra's outfit with only her green skin tone distinguishing Mother and daughter.

I love that we have another strong woman in the Marvel Legends ranks.  
I never expected to see Thundra in action figure form.

It's a shame the "stitching" details on the top of her shirt aren't sculpted.  I understand that these obscure characters are only possible because they rely on the cost-saving sharing of parts, but that small sculptural detail would have added a lot.

Thundra comes with Hulkbuster Iron Man's Left Arm and her signature Ball-and-Chain weapon.

Here are some images of Thundra from the comics.

This is how she looked in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her other giant warrior women, Red She-Hulk, and regular She-Hulk.

And with the recent White Tiger and Misty Knight.  Just to show the variety of scales Hasbro seems to be embracing lately.


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