Monday, September 28, 2015

Lanard's Revamped PONY TALES!

Pony Tales - Once Upon an Adventure - Single Packs - Lanard 2014

I'm not a brony (despite the t-shirt I wear to cons ironically proclaiming otherwise). I actually tried to be one when the craze first hit but it just didn't take. That said, I love the Pony culture in the toy world. They're colorful, quirky, and they are icons of 80's nostalgia. My siblings and I never owned any My Little Ponies. But the presence of MLP was simply unavoidable in the 80s. And with popularity, of course, comes imitation. Lanard is known for making high-quality knockoffs of A-list toys (most notably Hasbro properties).  For years they have been producing Pony Tails, a passable replica of the vintage MLP designs. I was aware of them as I am aware of almost all toys, but I was utterly uninterested.  Then MLP was reinvented with Friendship is Magic, and before long Pony Tails morphed into Pony Tales. The sculpting, accessories, and themes of these figures are amazing. Even if this type of toy is totally not your thing, you can probably appreciate the aesthetics of this line.  Let's check them out below!

Pony Tales: Once Upon an Adventure is a line of four Fairytale-themed ponies with very cool designs and great accessories.  If MLP would incorporate some of these elements I think it would be wildly successful for Hasbro.  It's rare when an imitation can surpass their inspiration, but when it does it's a wonderful thing.

I've seen these figures available in single packs and in large playsets with vehicles, magic wands, etc.  I found mine at a Mom & Pop hardware store in Pennsylvania last week after trying to find them online for over a year. Patience is a virtue I guess.  
Let's get to the pics!

The All-Heart

 Each figure comes with removable accessories and a Fairy Guard-Mother.

Rapunzel's Fairy Guard-Mother is Wisp

Wisp can perch on Rapunzel's headpiece via a peg-and-hole setup.

Robyn Hood
The Brave

Robyn Hood's Fairy Guard-Mother is Little Arrow.

The Swift

Cinderella's Fairy Guard-Mother is Poof.

The Enchanting

Mermaidia is my favorite of the bunch because I love mythological beasts and I've had a long obsession with Hippocampuses. 

Mermaidia's Fairy Guard-Mother is Bubblie.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Ponies together.

And all the Fairy Guard-Mothers

And here she is with a My Little Pony and a LaLaLoopsy Pony.



  1. These look awesome! I need to find Robyn and Mermadia for my daughter! Ok, maybe I want Robyn for myself - I can't resist a domino mask!

    1. Glad you like them! I didn't know how these two recent Lanard reviews would be received here. I think I'm going to go pick up the remaining stock of these at my local stores. They were really hard to find. I know there's at least one more Rapunzel. I see there's a Robyn on ebay right now for $7.99. That's a really good price actually (I think they retail for $9.99). Good luck hunting!