Sunday, September 27, 2015


The CORPS: Elite vs. The Curse - Wal-mart Exclusive 3-Pack - Lanard 2015

I always think it's fun to see how much of a variation you can get with a simple repaint of a mold. While most collectors would have been perfectly happy with Puma as the first and only female member of the Corps line, Lanard was gracious enough to offer us two. Snakebite is the good guy of the two ladies.  Their bodies are identical but have different heads and paintjobs. The two look very different in my opinion and I'm really excited to see future variations (if we don't get a brand new female sculpt of course). Snakebite is a member of the Corps (the Heros).  It's kind of amusing because she looks more like a villain than a hero to me.  If it wasn't for the logo emblazoned on her shirt (and the skull on Puma's leg), I would totally be assuming their allegiances were reversed. I feel like this figure is missing some crucial paint apps on her head (Customization at the bottom of the page), but otherwise she is a fantastic figure (and at a bargain price!) Let's check out Snakebite below!

Like Puma, Snakebite's articulation is really great.  It's better than any of the male Corps figures I've seen.  She has ball-jointed hips, hinge knees, hinge & swivel elbows and shoulders, ball-jointed neck, and a ribcage swivel.

Snakebite comes with several weapons.  They are identical to Puma's weapons (although gray), but with the addition of a rifle.  It's tough to decide which weapons belong with which character in a multipack like this.  But in these cases, the color scheme and grip size speaks volumes.

I experimented a little bit with the paint apps on her head.  I didn't like the sculpted flesh-tone stubble on the buzzed side of her head, so I gave it a quick orange wash.  Then I wanted to paint some details into her unpainted hair-covered eye.  The unpainted-but-sculpted eye looked creepy from this angle, so I did my best to make it look symmetrical to the other one.

The bike in the three-pack also belongs to Snakebite. (None of the other characters have the leg articulation necessary to sit on it).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other Corps lady, Puma.

And here she is with her two pack-mates: Ogre and Buckshot.

And here she is with a slew of 3.75 ladies.  From Left to Right:  Avengers Assemble Black Widow, GIJoe Retaliation Jinx, Puma, GIJoe/Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade, and WOW Action Girls Simone.



  1. She looks a lot better with the missing eye & sides of hair painted.

    1. Thanks! I kept a duplicated unaltered just because I like to be a purist, but I'm definitely displaying the customized one.

  2. You didnt mention that the two knoves and crossbow mount on her back, thats the coolest part of this figure