Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The CORPS Elite - PUMA!

The CORPS: Elite - Triple Threat - Wal-mart Exclusive 3-Pack - Lanard 2015

This figure has been a long time coming.  Fans of G.I.Joe are undoubtedly aware of Lanard's 3.75" compatible knock-off line, "The CORPS."  I've been seeing them in stores for as long as I've been collecting toys. But for a company focused on making off-brand versions of A-list toys, Lanard's detail, paint, and articulation have always been surprisingly good. My only gripe with the Corps is that there have never been any females. I've been paying attention, too. They had a series of 3.75" females called the "WOW Action Girls" many years ago, but their Barbie-esque faces and doll-like accessories were a far cry from the militaristic themes G.I Joe fans wanted. Then several weeks ago I got an email from a reader (thanks Anthony!) asking if I was going to review the new Corps ladies.  I was completely unaware of them - but suddenly super excited to hunt them down.  I had them in my greedy hands within two days. Of course it took me until now to review them.  Sorry about that!  Let's check out Puma below!

Puma is the codename of Aella Ramos from the Anti-Corps division (ie. She's a bad guy).

Puma's articulation is really great.  It's better than any of the male Corps figures I've seen.  She has ball-jointed hips, hinge knees, hinge & swivel elbows and shoulders, ball-jointed neck, and a ribcage swivel.

Puma comes with several weapons.  It's tough to decide which weapons belong with which character in a multipack like this.  But in this case, the color scheme and grip size speaks volumes.  

The Corps line seems to have some issues with the cardbacks being aligned to the right figure sets.  There is no mention of Puma on this set's packaging, but I snapped this photo from the back of another set at the store.

The bike in the three-pack also belongs to Puma. (None of the other characters have the leg articulation necessary to sit on it).

The crossbow mounts on her lower back, and her handgun fits snuggly into her holster.
And I didn't realize this until right now, but her knives also mount onto those little pegs on her shoulderblades.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other Corps lady, Snakebite (Review coming tomorrow hopefully).

And here she is with a slew of 3.75 ladies.  From Left to Right:  Avengers Assemble Black Widow, GIJoe Retaliation Jinx, Puma, GIJoe/Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade, and WOW Action Girls Simone.

And here she is with her two pack-mates: Rain and Dozer.



  1. Whoa! I usually don't pay much attention to CORPS! figures, but Puma seems pretty awesome. I'm tempted to get her myself...

    1. I also don't think I mention how affordable these are either. They retail for about $6-8 per set. If they ever sell them on single cards like they do for the males, they sell for $1.98.

  2. I've been waiting 20 years for Corps women & these two don't disappoint!

    1. It has indeed been a long wait. I hope they go crazy now and start releasing repaints and mash-ups like they do with the rest of the line.

  3. I really like that her knives hook onto the back. That was the best surprise when i started to put her accessories together. She really seemed like a force to be reckoned with. i also read her back story on the corps! website. Most of these figures got updated story and backgrounds

    Link- http://thecorpshq.com/team.html#next

  4. COme and discuss the rest of the Corps goods at the fan forums http://thecorpsfanshq.proboards.com/