Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WWE Superstar - SUMMER RAE!

WWE Basic Series 50 - Superstar #35 - Summer Rae - Mattel 2015

This Summer Rae figure became a minor obsession for me this summer.  I first found her in Target many months ago but I had to pass because her hair wasn't attached properly.  Then every month I would spot another.. only to find a major defect on each one.  Eventually I found her in this small Mom & Pop Hardware store (where I happened to hit toy paydirt and felt really cool being the giddy nerd with a giant armload of toys while everyone around me was buying mulch and powertools haha).  So, yeah, I finally found a decent figure after much effort. The figure is unfortunately a little bland.  The likeness to Summer is off-point and the tasseled thigh-highs really hinder her poseability. In googling for Summer's bio I learned that she was a former football player for the Chicago Bliss team of the Lingerie Football League. This raised so many questions for me. It seemed way too sexist to be true.  Luckily in 2013 they overhauled their image, put on some clothes, and renamed it the Legends Football League.

This is going to be a quick photo post without much preamble.  I spent a ton of money on toys today and I'm excited to open and photograph them all.  Let's check out Summer Rae below!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Alicia Fox  and Tamina Snuka.



  1. Ah, Summer Rae. I need her to pose with my Fandango!

    I agree they could have done better with the face paint.

    1. The more I look at her, the more i want to change her lipstick. If someone matched that shade to that skintone in real life they'd get arrested.