Saturday, April 11, 2015

WWE Superstar - ALICIA FOX!

WWE Basic Series 47 - Superstar #13 - Alicia Fox - Mattel 2015

When the first Mattel Alicia Fox figure came out two years ago, she was instantly my favorite figure by a landslide. Many readers will know that I know next to nothing about wrestling and therefore collect these figures purely for aesthetics.  Her first figure stood out from the pack amazingly.  She had bright red hair, and an outfit made of leather and chains contradicted by a soft and cute teddy bear hood.  Plus she was the first African American in my collection.  My adoration was a no-brainer.  But my love for the first figure was why I initially struggled with this second version.  I normally skip repaints in this line.  But upon seeing her in person, I thought the re-deco was a drastic enough change to warrant entry into my collection.  Her hair is now a more natural brown shade, she doesn't have the cosplayer hood, and the bulky leather outfit is stripped away to the form-fitting 2-piece that most WWE Divas wear.  She almost looks like a different person altogether upon first glance. Let's check her out below!

This isn't the most flattering pic I know, but it's the only one I could find of Alicia wearing the red outfit.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her first version from 2012.



  1. Alicia is my all time favorite WWE Diva. She's amazing in the ring, decent on mic skills and she cares a lot about the fans. When I heard that she was getting another figure I was about to explode from excitement.... that was until I saw the figure. I expected a brand new fox hood (most likely the newer one that isn't really that much of a hood), a new hair style (longer hair) and another outfit that wasn't this one. Sure, I love that my favorite has a second figure, but I was disappointed. Her hair should be dark red instead of brown, they gave her no accessory (common with basic figures but considering she had a fox hood with her first figure, I expected her to have it even if it was a re-use too) and her attire isn't one of the best. They just re-painted and called it "New Alicia Fox 2015 figure" and it truly hurts me knowing that they gave NO effort on this figure (one that many fans have been waiting for) but they gave Summer Rae a new and first figure which looks amazing, Gave Brie Bella a new figure which looks good, gave the soon-to-be released Nikki Bella a lot of detail, Paige, Lana and more soon-to-be released figures much more effort than this one. I don't like saying stuff like this, but the only thing I think of this is the word "racism". Alicia is one of the divas that always gets stepped on in many ways such as: Holding the divas title once and then forgetting her, she has been skipped TWICE in the WWE games for absolute no reason, this figure like I said, shows no effort made.... it pains me as an Alicia stan.

    1. I think the first Alicia figure had more unique detailing than any WWE Diva in this line so far. Between her hood, her bodice, and her skirt, she was loaded with unique tooling. Plus at the time (ie, before the Eva Marie figure), her red hair totally set her apart from the rest. I think that high bar made this new version even more of a disappointment than it would normally be. Honestly I expected this exactly. I think most re-issued WWE characters are dumbed-down versions instead of "apology" figures like most fans expect. The same thing happened with AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero (although I happen to like Vickie's most current figure best, despite having fewer accessories than previous versions). Occasionally the character will get a new head sculpt. Natalya comes to mind, and so does the new Brie. But in all honesty, the original Brie was a very awkward figure. The twins both looked like Ricki Lake. A new head was warranted there. Alicia suffered from actually having a nice figure the first time around.. so, yeah, when I heard a new alicia was coming, this figure was exactly what I expected. As far as her treatment in the world of wrestling, I am pretty ignorant, but what you said doesn't surprise me.

  2. Not bad but a little on the 'basic' side - the first version is way more cool and original!