Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gotham Select - SELINA KYLE!

Gotham Select - Series 01 - Selina Kyle - Diamond Select Toys 2015

Gotham is one of the most surprising shows in my TV roster. It's surprising because I fully expected to hate the show when it was being advertised all over San Diego last Summer. When you combine a Batman purist like myself with a network TV interpretation, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. But the show is great. It's creepy, funny, stylish, and I fully embrace it. Smallville, Arrow, and Flash were all disappointing to me. Sure, I like that they exist, but there is a style to them that I just can't get on board with. Gotham is very different though. Maybe it's because the actors aren't all underwear models. Maybe it's because it's not gleaning dramatic inspiration from soap operas. But I think it's largely because, despite the plethora of Batman mythos, this origin era has rarely been expanded upon. Even the most casual Batman fan could get sucked in. Camren Bicondova as a young Selina Kyle is one of my favorite parts of the show so it's super exciting to get an action figure so soon. Let's check her out below!

Gentle Giant is the go-to sculptor for actor likenesses in the toy world.  I think this sculpt is pretty much perfect.

Selina's only personal accessory is a bottle of milk.  
(Just like the one she stole in one of the first episodes).

Selina's articulation is great. DST has come a long way since those early Marvel Select ladies.

Selina comes with the top half of the Crime Alley diorama.  
Jim Gordon comes with the bottom half of the wall and the ground.

Here are a few images of Camren Bicondova as Selina from the show.  I can't get over how perfectly cast she is. She looks young, rebellious, feline, and she bears quite a resemblance to Michelle Pfeiffer.

I've heard in interviews before that Camren was a dancer, but I just now looked her up on youtube.  The girl's got some moves!  Hopefully she gets to flaunt her skills on Gotham.
[The song lyrics are NSFW!]

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her Funko Pop! figure.



  1. Great looking figure! I also love Gotham, as ridiculous as it can be at times.

    1. I know! But even the ridiculous parts are creepy as hell. I'm thinking of the weather balloon murderer in particular. It's terribly gimmicky and over-the-top, but when you actually think about it really happening, it gives you chills.

  2. She is a gorgeous figure. I love how they got the face to look so much like her. I will definitely be searching out this one now that I know it exists.

    1. I'm pretty sure Gentle giant utilizes 3-D face-scanning for all their figures. If you go to their main webpage, that seems to be the service they are promoting most. Plus they are the company behind all the jumbo retro figures - which are essentially just scanned and enlarged. So yeah, 99% sure Cat's face is digital, but wither way it looks great.

  3. I picked one up at a comic shop an hour away after asking the owner to get me one with better paint from the back. Then I found out DST will release the to TRU without the dioramas like they did for Universal Monsters. I don't plan on getting the other figures & space is at a premium, so should I return it in favor of getting the TRU version?

    1. Funny I had to do the exact same thing - have my LCS get a better one from the back. The first one had really messed up eyes. As far as what to do about waiting for the diorama-less version, I would personally get the current release. I always find secondary versions to have sloppier paint. Plus there have been enough DST cancellations over the years to make me cautious about upcoming releases (I'm thinking the Janice Rand and Nurse Chapel Star Trek figures, and the Dawn figures in particular). Just my two cents though.

    2. I take that back. I saw Selina in a philly TRU yesterday and she was perfect... and only $12.99 (it was probably mislabeled.. I should have scanned it to doublecheck). I would hunt her down if I were you.