Sunday, October 18, 2015

Funko POP! Gotham - SELINA KYLE!

POP! Heroes #79 - Gotham: Before the Legend - Selina Kyle - Funko 2015

Funko is a very very addictive company.  Five short years ago I found myself in a comic shop in Austin holding a Batgirl POP.  I spent way too long deliberating on the purchase (they were only $7.99 back then) but I eventually walked out with my new treasure.  I told myself I would just collect other bat-family females.  I was assuming there would be tons.  Of course it took three years to see the next character (Harley Quinn). Though, somehow in that time I managed to amass a whopping 40 POP figures (only 15 of which stuck with the bat-theme). Funko is now my favorite booth at Toy Fair each year. They always manage to have some products that make me giddy with excitement. This year one of my favorites was this Selina Kyle POP from Gotham. Of all the characters in the show, Selina seems to be the most costumed one.  I really don't have much interest in plain-clothed toys, but Selina totally fit the bill on so many levels that I couldn't resist.  Let's check her out below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!

Here she is with the Gotham Select Selina.

And here she is with the Batman '66 POP and the Dark Knight Rises POP.


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