Saturday, November 28, 2015

GameStop Exclusive Funko BATGIRL POP!

DC Super Heroes - POP! heroes #3 - Batgirl - Funko 2015

You can probably guess what I was doing on Black Friday. For the first time ever, there were Black Friday exclusive Funko POPs at GameStop and Hot Topic. As far as the ladies go, there was a Black-suited Batgirl using the 2010 mold (along with a 1:8 Gold Chase variant) at GameStop and a Black & White Harley (w/Mallet) at Hot Topic.  The Hot Topics around me were sold out before Friday so I didn't have a chance. But luckily I was able to snag a bunch of GameStop Mystery Boxes and got two Batgirls. It's been many years since this Batgirl has been released so getting a repaint was a welcome addition to my collection. Unfortunately her quality control is pretty low in my opinion. She's the worst of my four Batgirl POPs by far (and I don't even like the old metallic variant). Both my Batgirls had pretty unfortunate paint issues.  I think her production was rushed and some quick decisions were made, leading to a sloppy product. I guess I expect higher standards for exclusives. Let's check her out below!

The biggest design flaw for me is that her cowl is a matte black, but her body is glossy. It looks like a sloppy error.  Plus the matte cowl shows tons of little rubs, scratches, and fingerprints.. Almost like it's made of suede.

There's a pretty severe rub on her left ear.  I think the matte paint is very delicate.

I think this figure was also packaged too quickly after being painted.  There's a spot on the right side of her cape that was stuck to the packaging and now shows the yellow underside.  Same issue on her Left toe. My other Batgirl had worse problems, including one of her ears and one of her gauntlets - much more noticeable unfortunately.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

On the Left is the SDCC 2010 Exclusive Batgirl.  She is perfection.  Unfortunately she was limited to 240 pieces (She is the 3rd Funko POP! ever, after all).  People should save their money hunting down the Gold Variant and try to snag this beauty.  On the Right is the standard release Batgirl from 2010-2011.  This was the first POP I bought and I still love her.

And added here is the Metallic Variant.  I'm not a fan of metallic variants personally, but I found her in a store many years ago and got her on a whim.  I believe she was originally a retailer exclusive, but then extra stock was filtered to all stores.  There are two versions of her:  One with a Black bat-symbol and one with Yellow.


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