Friday, November 27, 2015

Marvel Mini-Bust - TIGRA!

Marvel Mini-Busts - Tigra (Greer Grant Nelson) - Bowen Designs 2006

Tigra is one of the characters most deserving of a modern Marvel Legends treatment in my opinion. All she needs is a cameo in one of the Marvel TV shows and I'll bet we get her within the year. Greer Grant started her career as The Cat in 1972.  Back then she wore the yellow and blue costume later adopted by Patsy Walker as Hellcat.  After a few years in that original costume, Greer was mortally wounded while protecting the Cat People from Hydra. They saved her life by transforming her into Tigra, the mantle of their legendary protector. She has gone on to be an consistent, but underutilized hero in the Marvel Universe. She has been a member of the Avengers and teamed up with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-man, etc.  She's received a decent amount of merchandise over the years, but in my opinion this mini-bust is the best.  Her Marvel legends figure from several years ago was passable, but I think a new one with the new female bucks would be amazing.  Let's check out the Hellcat bust below!

The sculpt by Jim Maddox is stunning.  She looks fierce and.. steamy (for lack of better descriptor).
She also looks great from every angle, which isn't something you can say that often.

Here are some images of Tigra from the comics.

Time for a Group Pic!


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