Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marvel X-men Legends Infinite Series - JUBILEE!

Marvel X-Men Legends - Build-a-Figure Jubilee - TRU Exclusive - Hasbro 2015

Jubilee has never been a favorite character of mine.  When she first appeared I thought she was a cheap knock-off of Boom Boom, but then I quickly realized she was intended to be another Kitty Pryde-type character in the X-men roster. I thought she was silly and pretty much just ignored her until she became the focal point of X-men the Animated Series back in 1992. She was pretty hard to sweep under the rug at that point. But everyone seemed to love her so I tried to give her a shot. It took decades for me to warm up to her. Literally. It was while reading 2011's Wolverine and Jubilee mini-series that I finally saw what everyone else did. Of course at this point she was a vampire on the run with a kidnapped baby (which was a bizarre turn of events), but for the first time I enjoyed her. Of course I found that a quick way for that hard-earned respect to be rendered obsolete is to make her Legends figure a nearly-impossible-to-complete exclusive build-a-figure and then package her torso with the criminally shortpacked Storm.  It was a frustrating, yet bountiful, year for Marvel Legends. Let's check out Jubilee below!

Jubilee was the Build-a-Figure in 2015's TRU-Exclusive X-men Legends wave.  Cyclops came with her Right Arm, Magneto with her Left Arm, Styrfe with her Head and Energy Accessories, and Storm with her Coat, Torso, and Legs.  Wolverine did not come with any pieces of her.

One of her shoulders was extremely hard to pop into socket.  
I can't remember which one, but I was certain I was going to snap a peg.

Jubilee comes with two different translucent pink energy accessories.  One is ball-shaped and fits over her fist.  The other is more wispy and fits over her open hand.

Jubilee uses the great "young" body buck that we've seen on Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, May Parker Spider-Girl, White Tiger, etc,

Here she is in her vampire kidnapping phase.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Marvel Universe Jubilee from 2012.

And here she is with her wave-mate, Storm.



  1. She was the build a figure? Would never have guessed. That's one way to get her in the line up.

    I've still got to track down the Marvel Universe Jubilee since I don't go for 6inch figures.

    1. She's definitely an odd choice for a Build-a-Figure. I think she would have sold well as a main figure in any wave. I still see the 3.75" in some comic shops, but she's been gone form the big box stores for a while now. Good luck on the hunt!