Saturday, November 24, 2012

Marvel Universe JUBILEE!

Marvel Universe Series 4 Jubilee from Hasbro 2012

Quite possibly the quintessential 1990's X-man, Jubilee literally burst onto the scene in Uncanny X-Men #244 as a spunky mutant mallrat that shot fireworks out of her hands.  Her popularity exploded (i won't stop!) when she became a lead character in the 90's X-Men the Animated Series and later the Marvel vs Capcom Arcade game.  Jubilation Lee may also have the distinction of being one of the first X-Men of Chinese descent - please correct me if I'm wrong.  I kind of love this action figure.  Maybe it's been awhile since I've paid attention to the the MU line, but this figure is incredibly well articulated with double-jointed knees, rocker/swivel/pivot ankles, ball-jointed neck, etc etc.  She's kind of perfectly articulated, beautifully sculpted, and well-detailed.  She honestly has never been my favorite character (Boom-Boom always had my vote), but she has become hugely nostalgic for me as a staple in the X-Universe throughout my teens.  On to the figure review!

(Does that image of Dazzler in her disco getup hint at a future figure??)

I think it's great that her underclothes are black instead of her 90's bright pink shirt and blue shorts.  This look is much more modern and adapts to her newer storylines well -- all while keeping true to her character with her signature bright yellow overcoat.

 I removed her coat to highlight some of her articulation.

Yes, she's balancing on her own.  The coat gives her a low center of gravity.

Time for a comparison shot!



  1. My God, why can I not find this girl? She's really unique, always keep an eye peeled... :P

    1. You know, I've only seen her in comic shops. The specialty stores always charge more, but the big box stores like TRU, Target and Walmart are very inconsistent with how they order and often skip entire waves.