Monday, December 14, 2015

World of Nintendo - DIXIE KONG!

World of Nintendo (2.5") - Series 1-5 - Jakks Pacific 2015

The Donkey Kong Country game series came out in 1994 and totally revitalized the Donkey Kong Franchise.  The original Donkey Kong was meant to be the flagship Nintendo character, but was quickly overshadowed by his nemesis Jumpman (aka Mario).  Donkey Kong was one of those weird games (like Zelda) where the titular character was a non-playable focal point of the game.  The Donkey Kong Country series changed all that.  Suddenly there were multiple ape and monkey characters to play.  And finally they were protagonists (against crocodiles or the Tikis).  Donkey Kong Country 2 introduced the first playable female character, Dixie Kong.  Like most female characters in games and comics, her skills made her one of the best characters to play (she whipped her ponytail around like a helicopter to knock out enemies).  Add her to the ranks of Princess Peach, Storm, Marge Simpson, Orchid, and Chun-Li as the most kickass characters to play in their respective games.  Let's check out Dixie below!

So Dixie Kong's ponytail hangs down below her feet.  This makes her unable to stand normally unless you have her perched on a little barrel or something (which she totally should have come with by the way).  Anyway, I have her displayed on a black bottlecap for these photos.

Dixie is articulated at the neck and shoulders.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the PopCo figure from a few years ago.

And here she is with the current 4" Peach figure.


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