Saturday, December 12, 2015

World of Nintendo - PRINCESS PEACH (4")!

World of Nintendo (4") - Series 1-3 - Jakks Pacific 2015

The World of Nintendo series from Jakks Pacific is really picking up speed. I feel like every time I go into Target, Walmart, Toys R' Us, or Walgreens, I see a new figure I didn't know existed. In fact, in researching this Princess Peach (ie.. trying to determine her series number and release date), I discovered three more figures I will now be hunting for.  Princess Peach is the most recognizable of the Nintendo ladies, so she understandably gets the frontrunner status in this line. She already has two versions (next one being reviewed tomorrow), so hopefully that is a good indicator that we will see Daisy, Rosalina, Zelda, Toadette, and others on the shelves before too long. Although what I'm really hoping for is an 8-bit Princess Toadstool to go with my 8-bit Mario, Luigi, Link, and Donkey Kong (Also, my better half gave me permission to display the 8-bits around the house..not just in the toy room.. that's a total first!)  This is such a cool line. Let's check out Princess Peach below!

Peach is articulated at the waist, shoulders, and elbows.  Her neck may be articulated at her collar, but her hair would inhibit any motion anyway.

Princess Peach comes with a mystery accessory in an awesome little cardboard box.  
I saved my box for display with my other Nintendo figs.

Her accessory is a parasol.  It comes in two pieces that you have to assemble 
(in case you were wondering how it fit in that small box).

I think it's interesting that Princess Peach has fully-sculpted legs.  They are unarticulated and unnecessary, but the attention to detail is cool nonetheless.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with a PopCo PVC figure on the Left and a K'NEX figure on the Right.

Here she is with the 2.5" Series 1-5 Dixie Kong.


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