Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight - CATWOMAN!

Batman: Arkham Knight - #7 - Catwoman - DC Collectibles 2015

The Arkham series of video games has given us quite a few great action figures over the years. Surprisingly though, this is only the second DCC Catwoman to come out (Harley has six if you include the repaints). I feel like the Harleys have been getting better and better, but while this Catwoman is a distinct improvement over the Arkham City figure, it still pales in comparison to recent Comic versions. The digital design from the game gives Selina a long lanky body which looks great during gameplay but looks awkwardly stretched out in toy form. This is not a bad toy by any means, I just had high hopes after the recent Arkham Knight Harley and Arkham Origins Dr. Quinzel exceeded my expectations. Another pitfall of this specific figure is inconsistent and sloppy eye paint. Some of the figures I saw had pink eyes (where the white should be) and others, like mine, had heavy lower eyeliner, but very light eyeliner on top. It was an easy fix for me, but a disappointment overall.  Let's check out Catwoman below!

Here is the point at which I touched up her eyepaint.  All I did was darken her lashes to balance out the bottom and make her look more like the figure on the box.  It's a subtle change but I'm happy with it.

Catwoman comes with Two Whips (one regular and one coiled that mounts on her Right hip), as well as two extra sets of hands.

Despite having that lanky feline frame, she's actually not that poseable.  Her hips have great articulation, but they are hindered by the sculpt and have a limited range of motion.  Also, a bicep cut would add a lot of potential "cat claw" poses.  You can still get a lot of great stances, but I was just expecting a little more.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her other video game versions.  Mattel's Arkham City Catwoman on the Left and DC Direct's Arkham City Catwoman on the Right.

Here she is with the stunning Arkham Knight Harley Quinn.

From Left to Right: DCC Jae Lee Catwoman, Mattel Arkham City Catwoman, DCD Hush Catwoman, DCC Arkham Knight Catwoman, DCD Arkham City Catwoman, DCC New52 Catwoman, DCC Greg Capullo Catwoman.


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  1. Absolutely love her face, a vast improvement on the Arkham City headsculpt from DC Collectibles. The hip attachment looks a little weird from some angles though.