Monday, January 11, 2016

Mattel's WWE Diva - NAOMI!

WWE Basic Series 56 - Divas Naomi - Mattel 2015

I keep telling myself (and the entire world though this blog) that I'm going to stop buying these WWE ladies. I know nothing about wrestling, I've never watched the sport, and I'm honestly never going to. But something about seeing a new lady on the shelves just gets me every time. This Naomi figure snagged me because there are so few women of color in this line (plus I never found her first figure in the green outfit from years ago). This figure also has a new packaging design indicative of the new year of products (nevermind the fact that I picked her up before Christmas). Something I have learned about wrestling through these reviews is that there is a heavy emphasis on family dynasties and heritage in the WWE. Naomi's link to a dynastic line is her marriage to Jimmy Uso (aka Jonathan Fatu) who is part of the Anoa'i Family, a renowned Samoan-American wrestling family (who also claims the Rock as a member).  Not to say that she hasn't earned accolades on her own. Let's check out Naomi below!

The paint apps on this figure almost kept me from buying her.  Checkout the the tops of her leggings.  They are overlapping and uneven on every Naomi I saw.  Also, the checker pattern around her waist seems unintentionally wavy. I realize it's a complicated paint job, but the execution seems way too sloppy.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I love how super long her hair is...I might have to pick this up.
    Also, are you going to be getting the Ghostbusters figures?

    1. Her hair is crazy long! I wish they used a more rubbery plastic to give it a little more posing potential.

      I'm very psyched about the Ghostbusters figures. When they announced the movie I never even considered that they'd make action figures for four female movie leads. Crazy. I'm super curious to see what stores carry them and what aisles they put them in. I'm predicting a new hybrid girl/boy toy aisle with DC Superhero Girls, Miraculous Ladybug, Mysticons, and Ghostbusters.