Friday, January 8, 2016

Character Spotlight in LIVEWIRE!

A Collection of Metropolis' Most Electrifying Shock-Jock: Livewire

I've always considered Livewire the Harley Quinn of Superman's world. They're both formidable villains created by Bruce Timm for the DC Animated Universe.  Since their unassuming beginnings they've both become pretty popular in mainstream comics and video games.  Livewire has also appeared on television in Smallville and very recently in Supergirl. Harley is way more popular obviously, but Livewire has always had my attention. Just to clear up her first appearance dates: She debuted in the comic Superman Adventures #5 (March 1997) and her first television appearance was in Season 2, Episode 5 of Superman: The Animated Series ("Livewire" - September 1997).  Leslie Willis was a shock-jock hosting an outdoor concert in Metropolis during a dangerous storm.  Superman tried to get the concert to disband, but Leslie refused and was struck by lightning. Her hair turned blue, her skin turned white, and she gained crazy electrical power - irrationally blaming Superman for all of it. Revenge-based villains thrill me.

There are not a lot of Livewire products out there.  In fact, I believe there are only four. But when I was thinking of candidate for my next Character Spotlight, she was high on the list. Hopefully there will be more that I can add to this post in the future.  
Let's get to the pictures!

DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited
Wave 8 - Three Packs - Mattel 2010
Livewire - Superman - Weather Wizard

Here are a few images of Livewire in her animated form.  She appeared in Superman: The Animated SeriesNew Batman Adventures, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited - and I believe she looked identical in all four series.

The New Batman Adventures - Bendable Figures
Bad Girls Set - NJ Croce 2015
Roxy Rocket - Catwoman - Harley Quinn - Poison Ivy - Livewire

Batman / Superman: Series 07
DC Collectibles - July 2009
Designed by Shane Davis
Sculpted by Ray Villafane

Livewire comes with two electricity accessories.

(I actually photographed this figure twice.  In the first round, her skin tone looked very blue.)

This Livewire also comes with a figure stand.

Here are some assorted pics of Livewire from the comics.

and finally....

Heroclix: Superman
#012 Livewire - NECA 2011

And now for some final pics of Livewire from various media...


Justice League: Gods and Monsters

and Supergirl

Time for a Group Shot!



  1. I didn't realize she had made the JLU roster. And that Batman/Superman version looks pretty great!

    1. It's funny, I had seen her JLU version around, but for some reason I always thought it was a Killer Frost figure. haha.

      Back in the day, Hot Topic used to carry occasional random waves of DC Direct figures. I remember seeing this Superman/Batman Livewire in stock there for ages, eventually going on clearance. Unfortunately I didn't want her until years later when her price skyrocketed (typical). I eventually found her cheap a couple years ago while on vacation luckily. She is a great looking figure.