Sunday, January 17, 2016

Transformer SDCC Exclusive COMBINER HUNTERS!

Transformers Generations Combiner Hunters 3-Pack - SDCC Exc - Hasbro 2015

This review is long overdue. I've had this oversize 3-Pack stored under the end of the coffee table in my man cave until last week. I kind of dread reviewing Transformers because I always try to transform them with little or no luck. I'm normally great at this kind of stuff. I'm kind of an origami prodigy and I'm the go-to person to decipher Ikea instructions.  But something about these plastic transformations foils me almost every time. This Combiner Hunters 3-Pack was a great way to re-release three of the amazing female Transformers that graced the shelves in 2014: Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade. All three characters have pretty dynamic repaints and new accessories. It's crazy how much my Transformers collection has grown in the past 18 months. It went from practically non-existent to taking up several (small) shelves. Hopefully there will be some more. I've decided to skip Victorion, but I'm looking forward to the female character in Rescue Bots! Fingers crossed for Toy Fair! Let's check out these three below!

The pictures I took of my boxset turned out awful (the box was too large for my photo tent), so these package pics are the solicitation images released by Hasbro prior to SDCC 2015.

We'll start with a closer look at...

Combiner Hunter Chromia

Each of the Combiner Hunters comes with an oversized weapon.  And I mean oversized. I guess you need some heavy artillery to take down a giant Combiner Robot.  Luckily they are made of a lightweight rigid plastic so they are able to be wielded properly.

Chromia also comes with her standard gun.

Chromia has a lightwell feature for her eyes, but it's actually the inverse of the typical effect.  In this case, her eyes are painted opaque blue, but the area around her eyes is translucent red.

Here is a solicit pic of her vehicle mode. There are some great new details on the frame of the cycle.

Here is the 2014 Chromia's vehicle form for comparison.

Combiner Hunter on Left, 2014 standard version on Right.

Next up is...

Combiner Hunter Arcee

Arcee has great lightwell action.  I also really like the Autobot tattoo on her cheek. Unfortunately my Arcee has a slight chip exposing the black plastic underneath.  I'll touch this up with a little paint eventually.

 Here is a solicit pic of her vehicle mode.

Here is the 2014 Arcee's vehicle form for comparison.

Combiner Hunter on Right, 2014 standard version on Left.

And finally...

Combiner Hunter Windblade

Windblade has no lightwell feature for her eyes.

 Here is a solicit pic of her vehicle mode.

Here is the 2014 Windblade's vehicle form for comparison.

Combiner Hunter on Right, 2014 standard version on Left.

Here are some of the covers from the Combiner Hunters comic.

Time for some Group Pics!



  1. Great review. thank you for comparison pictures. I actually prefer the originals. more simple, but i like that. Also you just convinced me to get Chromia, which i haven't got yet. I have got the new Nightbird, which i love btw.

    1. I much prefer the originals as well. I was so swept up in getting the SDCC Doctor Strange set that I thought 'what the hell' and added this set to my cart as well. I might prefer the new Windblade actually, but I haven't really decided. I have purchased Nightbird and the other new ladies, but I have 3 had them shipped to me yet. I can't wait to review Slipstream!