Monday, January 18, 2016

Batman v Superman - WONDER WOMAN!

Batman v Superman - Basic Series 01 - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2015

It's funny that I found this figure so much more difficult to track down than the larger Multiverse version. It seems like all my stores are overstocked with Batman, Superman, and Aquaman... like literally more than a dozen of each... but Wonder Woman is nowhere to be found.  I eventually picked her up at the Walmart in my parents' hometown while visiting last week (and surprisingly they had about 10). I haven't seen her anywhere since either. As expected from a movie-based basic line, her articulation is nothing to write home about. I count 11 points of articulation - which doesn't seem half bad at first, but her hips and shoulders are just straight forward swivel joints so the range of motion is severely limited. Despite that though, this is a really fun little figure. We almost never see females in non-collector lines. Hopefully future characters will see this treatment as well. Let's check out the basic assortment Wonder Woman in detail below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!

Here she is with the Multiverse version.

From Left to Right: DC Comics Unlimited, Target Justice League (Brave & Bold), BvS, Total Heroes, and DCD New52.



  1. I sort of like the head on this one better than the Multiverse figure-- the face paint too, what little there is just looks nicer.

  2. The execution of the face does indeed seem better, but this smaller version lacks a certain grit and power that I expect from Wonder Woman. She looks 'sweet' ...which is just about the last adjective anyone would use to describe Diana.

    Ps.. I saw her well stocked at my TRU this evening.