Friday, February 5, 2016

The Women of Marvel MINI-MATES SERIES 64!

Marvel Mini-Mates - Series 64 - Capt Marvel, Thor, & Dazzler - DST 2016

Here's the second part of the amazing Mini-mate day from a month ago. Marvel Mini-mates Series 64 was Secret Wars themed and included the new Lady Thor, Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, and the long-awaited Disco Dazzler. Each of these characters seem like they would be prime candidates to anchor their own waves, so to get them all together (let alone on the same day as the awesome ladies in the Deadpool wave) was a little mind-blowing. Hopefully there will be many more waves like this in the future. I'm really looking forward to what DST shows at Toy Fair next week. The only character I'm really wishing for is Silk, but other than that I'm just expecting to be pleasantly surprised. I'm going to have to seek out some new display options for my Minimates soon, as I've somehow managed to amass a small army in the past few years. Maybe I can finally put my old spice racks to good use. Let's check out Captain Marvel, Lady Thor, and Disco Dazzler below!

First up is... 
New Thor

and next...
Captain Marvel

And Finally...

Disco Dazzler

Her roller skates are awesome.  Although when wearing them she can't use a figure stand (and her hair is heavy and makes her want to topple).

Here is Dazzler alongside her 90's version.

The old Dazzler figure can also swap out parts to look like her post-Disco look.

Time for some Group Pics!

Here is a group of Asgardian ladies.  From Left to Right: Sif (Comic), Valkyrie, Thor, Loki, and Sif (Movie).

And a little Avengers-like team-up: She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor, Rescue, and Spider-Gwen.


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