Monday, February 1, 2016

The Women of Marvel MINI-MATES SERIES 65!

Marvel Mini-Mates - Series 65 (Deadpool) - Siryn & Copycat as Domino - DST 2016

A few weeks ago on January 6th, there was a day of Mini-mate releases that blew my mind. On that one day there were six amazing female characters released, several of which I never thought I would see produced in plastic. Of course it happened to be on a Wednesday when I was out of town. It took me weeks to track them down.  Mini-mates have a long and wonderful track record for team completion. I think the first team I completed was Alpha Flight, followed by Excalibur, Thundercats, and the New Mutants. At one point I thought I also had a complete X-Force set as well. But then DST made a Siryn and Copycat.. two characters I never expected to see in the lineup. It's great that the popularity of the upcoming Deadpool movie made these two obscure ladies possible. Maybe some miracle will give us a Rusty and Skids set next.  That would be amazing. In a short 12 days I'll be on the showroom floor of NY Toy Fair and scoping out all the new Minimates (And you just know there will be some awesome ones!)

Two figures in one!  Copycat comes with a lot of pieces to disguise her as Domino, including a new head, torso, forearms, thigh holsters, a belt, two handguns, and a figure stand.

I opted to display Copycat without all the straps, belts, and holsters. They totally seem like part of her Domino disguise to me.

And here is Copycat all geared up as Domino.  For those that don't know, Domino first appeared in New Mutants #98 back in 1991 (the same issue that Deadpool debuted in).  But about a year and a half later, in a very unique twist, we met the real Domino and learned that the shapeshifting Copycat had been impersonating her the whole time.  It was seriously the talk of my Middle School.  It's crazy that kids would be openly talking about what happened in comics like it was the latest episode of Game of Thrones. It was a different world.

Her guns fit on her holsters as well.

I bought two sets so I could have them both displayed.

Here are the Dominos so far.  On the Left is the 2014 Domino and on the Right is the 2010 version.  Technically the 2010 version would also be Copycat in disguise.

Copycat and Deadpool were a couple back in the day.  They still might be but I don't follow him much anymore.  It will be interesting to see Morena Baccarin's portrayal of Copycat in the movie.

Here is the Deadpool that comes with Copycat.

Next up is Siryn!

Siryn comes with an awesome "Banshee wail" piece that fits over her neck peg like a cape would.  
She also has a flight stand and a figure stand.

Theresa Cassidy is the daughter of Sean Cassidy, the Banshee.  Like many of my favorite heroes (Spider-Woman, Rogue, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, etc), Siryn began her career as a criminal.  But like the common theme in this type of origin story, she was only involved in criminal activities due to corrupt family members.  In Theresa's case, it's because she was raised by her nefarious uncle, Black Tom Cassidy.

Seriously, that Sonic Scream piece is awesome.

Here is the Deadpool that Theresa comes with.

Time for a Group Pic!


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