Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WWE Superstar - AJ LEE!

WWE Basic Series #53 - Superstar #53 - AJ Lee - Mattel 2015

I'm no WWE expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel pretty confident in saying that AJ Lee has been one of the popular female wrestlers of the past decade. She has won many awards and titles over her career (she retired about a year ago in April 2015) but the main way I gauge her popularity is by seeing the sheer number of action figures she's had in the Mattel WWE line. I didn't investigate thoroughly, but with minimal Googling effort I found six different AJs with three unique head sculpts. This is personally only my second version of her, but it was such a vast improvement over my first figure that I had to add her to my collection. The other versions were cute, but didn't capture her likeness well at all. I also am a big fan of skeletons and organs incorporated into design. I have three such pieces of art hanging in my living room right now (and no, they aren't morbid in the least, think Andy Warhol meets Gray's Anatomy). Anyway, I thought her green shirt rocked. Let's check out the latest AJ figure below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the only other AJ Lee I have, her 2013 Diva of the year figure. I like the older figure a lot, in in comparison it look nothing like her.


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