Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marvel's M2 1st Appearances WILD THING!

Wild Thing: The Daughter of Wolverine  - M2 1st Appearances - ToyBiz 1999

Marvel's MC2 Universe is one of those odd blips in the comic world where the stars seemed perfectly aligned for my tastes, but I was somehow utterly uninterested. An entire female-centric Marvel spin-off universe? It seems tailor made for me. But the art and stories just were not my cup of tea. I even waited 17 years to complete the action figure line! Toy Biz created a 4-figure Previews-exclusive line of the most popular characters from the MC2 universe. I've reviewed the 3 others over the years, but only picked up Wild Thing a couple weeks ago. Wild Thing is Rina Logan, the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra in this alternate future storyline. She appeared in J2, Last Hero Standing, Spider-Girl, and her own shirt-lived solo series (not to mention the 2007 Avengers Next reboot). My real inspiration is my recent adoration of Laura Kinney as the All New Wolverine. I'm guessing we'll probably see her in Marvel Legends form soon and knew I couldn't not have Wild Thing by her side. Let's check her out below!

I think her pink translucent claws are awesome. They are actually "psi-claws" that her godmother, Psylocke, taught her how to manifest. This is a very cool figure that I'm frankly surprised I avoided for so long. That meaty tuck tho.

Only seeing this figure in the packaging for all these years, I had no idea she was hiding that long ponytail.

Wild Thing comes with the file card shown above and the breakaway blast doors below.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

The entire MC2 lineup! 
From Left to Right: Spider-Girl, Stinger, Wild Thing, and American Dream.


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