Friday, April 22, 2016

Marvel Dorbz - SCARLET WITCH!

Marvel Dorbz: Series 01 #012 - Scarlet Witch - Vinyl Sugar / Funko 2015

Scarlet Witch is one of those characters that I always overlooked in my youth, but that I really love as an adult. I was never a reader of Avengers in the 80s and 90s, but X-men (and Batman) were my jam. I was peripherally aware of Wanda and Pietro as the mutant kids of Magneto in those other books. But I just didn't have the energy to investigate them. I also couldn't stand her outfit. Pink and Red just did not work well together in my young fashion-confused mind. But then sometime in my 20s I realized that I loved monochromatic color schemes and I read House of M and Children's Crusade and realized that Scarlet Witch was an all-around kick-ass character. I think the rest of the world has taken notice, too, because she's received a decent amount of merchandising in the past 10 years. And her role in the Avengers movie franchise has only increased her plastic presence. These Dorbz have really won me over.  I only have seven so far, but I see a lot more in my future. Let's check out Wanda below!

One astounding point of articulation.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is is with my other two Marvel Dorbz, Nebula and Gamora.

From Left to Right: Superhero Squad, Toy Biz 1996, Eaglemoss, Marvel Legends 2015, Dorbz,  Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends 2005, Minimates.



  1. The strangest thing she has been in lately is this Japanese youtube animation called inferno Cop, which is supposed to be a parody of 90's tv and comic books and is kind of animated like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. She is named specifically, but she is a major character in the series.
    also, I like Dorbs, even if they give characters like Wolverine a smile haha. They remind me of Kokeshi dolls.

    1. I just watched a whole bunch of those Inferno Cop episodes. By then end I couldn't find them dubbed or subbed, but I saw how that main girl became the Scarlet Witch.. and also (if i can be nerdy for a moment) her pregnancy was probably with the twins Speed and Wiccan.

      I love that the Dorbz are all smiley. I think my favorite one that I don't own is the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie. He was so ominous in the movie, so to see him looking adorable makes me want him so bad. Dorbz remind me of Fisher-price Little People (rom the 80s.. not the new ones:: and South Park characters (

  2. I love that last shot with all of the different versions.