Monday, May 30, 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars - AIRAZOR!

Transformers Combiner Wars - Airazor - Botcon Exclusive - Hasbro 2016

I feel like one of the keys to being a Transformers toy collector is to really embrace repaints and redecos. New characters are often just repaints, and if you're really lucky you get a new head and a few retooled pieces. I've been aware of this trend from the sidelines but I never thought I would be assembling a shelf my own variations. Of course, I also never expected the fembot revolution of the past few years. This Airazor is a repaint of last year's Slipstream figure (which, in turn, was a redeco of Windblade). I normally shy away from figures that don't have original sculpts (purely for real estate reasons in my toy room), but I was kind of smitten over this Botcon Exclusive. The orange, yellow, and green color scheme appeals to me on every level. The fact that Airazor is typically supposed to transform into a falcon is not something I'm super concerned about. Getting a great new version of an established character is worth a few sacrifices. Let's check out Airazor below!

Like many convention exclusives, Airazor didn't have any packaging beyond a polybag and the card insert shown above.

Unfortunately her eyes are painted green and don't make use of the light-piping feature that many modern Transformers figures use.

Yes, a falcon would have been much cooler, but a jet is an acceptable alternative IMO.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here she is with the SDCC Windblade and the Standard Release Windblade. Airazor has a new breastplate and head.


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