Monday, June 27, 2016

Dark Knight Returns CARRIE KELLEY ROBIN!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Series 01 - Robin - DC Direct 2004

I have a love/hate relationship with the Dark Knight Returns. I recognize and appreciate its impact on the evolution of Batman; It added a grim and gritty element where previously things were pretty PG. However, I just never liked the story. I find it boring. The one thing I did love though was the unique and unexpected introduction of Carrie Kelley as a female Robin (despite the weird and disappointing treatment of Catwoman). Still, the first female Robin will always be iconic. This DC Direct figure from 2004 was one of only two pieces of Carrie merchandise (the other being an expensive statue) for many years. However, in the next 9 months she is getting a 6" Multiverse figure, a BTAS-style DCC figure, an Eaglemoss Figurine, and a Funko Pop. This is likely due to the DKR 30th Anniversary this year as well as the animated adaptation. Whatever the reason, I was so excited about the prospect of a small Carrie Kelley collection that I finally hunted down the original. Let's check her out in detail below!

The Tim Bruckner sculpt is really excellent. 
Frank Miller's designs are pretty inconsistent and gestural so to successfully render them in 3-D is quite a feat.

Robin's slingshot is not molded into her hand, but it's also shaped in a way that you can't remove it from her closed grip. The only thing you can do is rotate it around to make the rubber band face different direction.

Carrie Kelley appeared in a New52 issue of Red Robin. I believe that was the first in-canon appearance of her.

Robin's neck articulation is a swivel joint, and her head is sculpted at an angle. So you only have two heads poses that look natural: straight-forward, and slightly cocked liked below.  You can also see how her left hand is sculpted to pull back the rubber band of her slingshot. But I didn't want to tempt fate with a 12 year old rubber band.

Robin comes with the rounded corner piece and the lamppost for the street corner diorama. 
Joker, Batman, and Superman each come with additional pieces.

This figure was re-released as part of a DC Collectibles box set in 2012.  I think the figure is identical, but her glasses and slingshot are removable in this version and it appears that her skin tone has a reddish wash over it. Maybe that's just in the versions I've seen though.

Time for a Comparison Shot!


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