Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Funko POP Suicide Squad HARLEY QUINN(S)!

Suicide Squad POP! Heroes - Harley Quinn (and Two Variants) - Funko 2016

I had a crazy day yesterday hunting down all the Harley Quinn variants before they became impossible to find. I'm officially limiting myself to sculptural variants (metallics and black & white repaints are just taking up too much space). I was in Target yesterday afternoon when I randomly stumbled across the standard Suicide Squad Harley Pop. I was ecstatic because I didn't expect her until later in the Summer. Then I looked on the back of the box and saw that there were two variants available as well. As soon as I got back to work I discovered that these were exclusive to Hot Topic and GameStop (I and *just* discovered a second ago that there's a Walmart Exclusive Dr. Quinzel-- arghh!). Anyway, it took some store-hopping, but within a few hours I had them all. The GameStop ones had showed up last Friday and were already hard to track down, but the Hot Topic ones were newly delivered and were in abundance. Let's check out this growing Harley Pop collection below!

Note the Enchantress POP on the cardback as well. She hasn't been shown before (or released yet apparently).

I'll start with the standard

Harley Quinn #97

Available Everywhere (Target, Gamestop, Hot Topic, Etc.)

Next up is the

Harley Quinn (HQ Inmate) #105

GameStop Exclusive

and lastly we have the

Harley Quinn (Gown) #108

Hot Topic Exclusive

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies together. One thing I am definitely impressed with is the neatness of the paint applications. I expected with all the tattoos and clothing details that there would be paint bleeding and sloppy lines all over the place. But everything I saw was pretty much perfect.



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  2. To add to your headache of chasing down Harleys, FYE has the exclusive 2-pack of the Joker and Harley. I think they're metallic colored. Also, the website is out of stock. Boo.

    1. I believe the FYE pack isn't due until July. I have an awesome 2-story fye that gets tons of exclusives. I stop in there weekly and haven't seen them. I'm not a fan of metallic though so I'm just checking out of curiousity. The gamestop guys were able to tell me exactly which stores had them in stock (only 2 local store had 1 each.. out of about 20 stores). Hot Topic had a ton, but that may have been luck. My fingers are crossed for that Dr Harleen one. My Walmarts aren't the best.

    2. My WM's are terrible. I haven't a single hope.

      I just called my local Gamestops (all three of them), and they're all out of stock. Very disappointed. I really wanted one of each exclusive Harley and Joker. :(

      I sincerely hope this movie is good!

    3. FYE definitely had no idea what I was talking about when I finally got somebody to pick up the phone yesterday.

    4. I stopped in mine yesterday afternoon and they didn't have any of the suicide squad stuff. Although they had tons of other fye exclusives... Deadpool.. Vision.. Warcraft 2-pack. They'll show up eventually. Most of movie merchandise isn't schedule until mid-to-late July.

  3. Though it hasn't yet been confirmed, my suspicion is that Enchantress will be in the Legion of Collectors box next month

    1. Yes that's my guess too. It makes sense since she hasn't been shown anywhere yet, only glam shots. The only reason I thought she WOULDN'T be in the LOC box is because she's shown on the packaging (and previous exclusives were usually never seen before). However, every package also has the LOC subscription card inside, so they are really streamlining their merchandising.

  4. I'll want to get the 'standard' movie Harley - the only exclusive that interests me is of course the Walmart Quinzel - ARRGH! There isn't a WalMart in my town!