Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Marvel Mini-Busts - SPIDER-GIRL(S)!

Marvel Universe Mini-Busts - Spider-Girl & Symbiote - Bowen Designs 2010

Six years ago I was in a totally different place collection-wise. I was extremely streamlined, I had many rules and guidelines, and I had a much more restrictive budget. But that doesn't mean I didn't crave lots of product that was hitting the shelves back then. Missing this Spider-Girl 2-Pack was one of my big regrets. At the time the only statue had ever let myself buy was a clearanced Firestar bust from a store that was going out of business, but I wanted these two Spider-Girls so bad. Years later I finally own the set (at a fraction of the original price I might add). And it's just in time for my burgeoning Spider-Lady collection. Within a month or so we'll be getting Silk and Ashley Barton Marvel Legends figures and I'll be dedicating a whole shelf to the collection. As much as I enjoyed the character of Spider-Girl, I never took a liking to her comics. So these busts were the first exposure I had to the black symbiote Spider-Girl. It's a very cool look and I'm glad to have it represented in my collection finally.

Let's check out these Bowen Spider-Girl busts below!

The sculpt by Bruno Bolteau and Randy Bowen is great. They are essentially repaints of each other, but the black symbiote version does not have the carved webbing on her outfit.

Time for a Group Shot!

From Left to Right: Marvel Legends, Bowen Bust, Minimates, and Toy Biz.



  1. Those are very cool. The only statue I have is a Hellboy one from Bowden. I won it at my local comic shop as part of a promotion. I think I was the only one that entered.

    1. Yeah it's tough to splurge on a statue, but once you have one in your collection the others are so tempting. The first full-price statue I ever bought was the Adam Hughes Cover girls Catwoman. I still think it's one of the nicest representations of her I've ever seen. Congrats on winning hellboy! Funny I remember entering a local contest to win an Abe Sapien, but I never win anything except ebay auctions haha.