Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Character Spotlight on SNOWBIRD!

A Collection of Alpha Flight's Most Mysterious Inuit Demi-Goddess Snowbird

I discovered Alpha Flight very late in the game. I believe I was in college in the late nineties and I won an eBay auction for the first 50 issues for like ten dollars. I had become a fan of John Byrne through all his Legend titles and realized that he was the man behind Alpha Flight. I loved this series. The characters were interesting and weird, the stories were compelling, and the art was on point. I liked all the characters, but Snowbird always stood out to me. I always leaned towards Sorceress-type characters. Wise, powerful, mysterious, and animal-themed - it's like she was custom-made for me. Snowbird is the daughter of the Inuit Goddess Nelvanna and a mortal man. She is tasked with protecting Canada against the Great Beasts and is mystically bound to Canadian land. She can transform into any native animal, albeit snow-white in color. I always thought she was an odd addition to the team, but she captured my imagination like no other (except maybe Marrina). Let's check out her collection below!

In no particular order...

Marvel's Alpha Flight
Snowbird & Puck
Toy Biz 1998

This Snowbird is the only true action figure in this collection. She has a typical pre-posed body that we saw in most Toy Biz figures of this era, but she looks great and dynamic in that pose, so it's all good.

Her cape seems made a vinyl-like material that is leathery on the back and felty on the inside. It holds its shape well, but it also holds on to the creases inflicted by the packaging.

The cape can be folded down in a simpler flowing-cape look. Her hair helps keep this look in place.

This Snowbird figure comes with a pack-in Puck figure as well as a white Owl and Wolverine, representing Snowbird in animal form.

Marvel Legends
Alpha Flight 6-Pack
Hasbro 2019
Amazon Exclusive
(Note: This figure was added retroactively, three years after the original post).

Marvel Mini-Busts
Bowen Designs 2006
Sculpted by Jim Maddox

Marvel Universe Mini-Busts
Diamond Select Toys 2005
Sculpted by Sam Greenwell

Here's a side-by-side of the two busts.

Marvel Classic Figurine Collection
Snowbird #136
Eaglemoss 2010

Marvel Mini-Mates
Alpha Flight Boxset
AFX NYCC Exclusive - DST 2012

Check out the whole Mini-Mates Alpha Flight lineup HERE.

Marvel Heroclix - Invincible Iron Man
Snowbird #018
WizKids 2013

Marvel Heroclix Mutant Mayhem
Snowbird #066
WizKids 2004


The rest of these items are technically meant to represent Snowbird in her animal forms, but I haven't included them in my personal collection. All pictures are swiped from eBay.


Marvel Mini-Busts
Snowbird Sasquatch
Bowen Designs 2006
Sculpted by Rick Force

Marvel Universe - Wave 20
Puck (with White Falcon)
Hasbro 2012

Marvel Legends - Apocalypse Series (12)
Sasquatch (White Variant)
Hasbro 2006

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. I am a huge fan of Alpha Flight also. I think they are one of the best designed teams in comics. Snowbird looks great here.

    1. Me too. I love the maple leaf motif that so many of the characters have, but also how others like Puck, Shaman, and Marija still fit in.

  2. Love Snowbird and all the original Alphas. Marrina is my favourite, thou shes terribly undersused, and messed up, storyline wise. I always loved how John Byrne explain Marrina's powers, and i hoped the whole elemental/alien on earth would be used more. Instead we had that horrible snake thing, and then she became a teenage rebel out of the blue.
    I hope one day we gat the whole team in Marvel legends.

    1. I actually don't remember Marinna turning into a teenage rebel. But I tend to read comics based on the artist... so I read all of Byrne, most Mignola, and then a skipped a bunch until Jim Lee around issue 100. I should go back and read them all now though. I would LOVE these characters in Legends form. It would make a great SDCC box some day. But I know characters like Marinna and Talisman would get left out which is a bummer.

  3. Hi, was the Puck figure included with the 1998 Snowbird articulated?

    1. Great question. The answer is yes and no. He has one joint at his waist, but it does not aide in posing at all. He has an action feature where his waist moves side-to-side (like 'side bends' in aerobics), but this waist joint is spring loaded so it instantly snaps back and you can make him do a crazy cartwheel thing. It *kinda* works. Thanks for the question!