Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Masters of the Universe Classics - CRITA!

MOTUC Collector's Choice - Crita - Mattycollector Exclusive - Mattel 2016

Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics has easily been the most epic toy line of my hobby. In eight short years (they really flew by!) I was able to add 41 amazing ladies to my collection. There were just about as many female figures released in the DC Universe Classics line, but they just pale in comparison to these beauties. Mattel and the Four Horsemen made an unprecedented achievement in recreating classic animation characters in modern form - and the character selection went beyond my wildest imagination. Crita was the sole female villain in The New Adventures of He-Man. I don't really remember much about her beyond her appearance. From my hazy memories I believe she looks like a witch, but has no witchy powers. She has a small scepter which extends into a whip. She flirts with Skeletor and fights with Mara. Also, she has two very distinctive costumes in the cartoon. I definitely prefer this iconic witchy look though. She is a beautiful figure and an amazing penultimate lady in the MOTUC line.

This figure is wonderful.  However, she had two paint issues I want to address right off the bat.  Gold paint always seems to have bonding issues. I've been dealing with this throughout my many years of collecting. In Crita's case, the gold paint from her whip and scepter left marks all over her dress and cape. This was easy to remove with a magic eraser and some elbow grease. Also, the blue paint on her gauntlets was pretty scuffed on both of my figures.

My second issue is a lack of gold paint. Crita has gold medallion earrings. On this figure, the flat face of the earrings are painted gold, but the sides (ie the part you can actually see) are left as the raw unpainted red plastic of her hair. It looks like she has two red lumps in her hair and you can barely see the gold.

Anyway, I scrubbed away the gold smudges and added a tiny bit of gold to her earrings and suddenly all is right on Primus.
(I also touched up the skuffs on her arms).

Now let's get to the main photos.

Crita comes with her Scepter in regular and whip form as well as a large hand-cannon-type-thing.

Not a fan of this big gun. The strap is awkward to make look right and it doesn't seem cohesive with her costume design..

Here are some pics of her other costume. It's cool, but if we were only going to get one Crita, I prefer the witch look.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here is Crita with the other two New Adventures of He-Man ladies, Mara of Primus and Galactic Protector She-Ra.



  1. she kinda looks like Gargoyles' Demona

  2. She is kinda like Demona! She also looks like she'd fit right in with Jem & the Holograms! :D

    Crita (pronounced like Critter) is an awesome figure. The gun thing is a fear gas cannon she used in the episode "A Plague On Primus".

    This is the first year I do not have any MOTUC subs, but I grabbed Crita on eBay a few days ago.

    The prototype for Crita had slightly longer hair flowing forward over her shoulders. They must have cut it to help with head movement or something....not sure what happened there:


    1. Good call with the hair! I didn't even notice the change. I definitely see the Demona connection, but she also reminds me of Jolene from Kissyfur. That was a weird show/movie that I was obsessed with as a kid. It was kind of a precursor the TaleSpin the same way that Blackstar was a precursor to He-Man.

    2. I loved Kissyfur, but nobody around me ever knew about that show. Funny how many influences you can see in her..I'm even getting a kind of Flintstones vibe from her LOL!

      By the way, I sent you an email regarding some other figures a little while ago, but maybe it never got to you?

    3. Kissyfur was pretty random. If my brothers and I didn't tape it off the tv and watch it relentlessly I probably wouldn't remember it.

      Totally missed your email and just responded!