Monday, August 29, 2016


DC Comics Multiverse - New 52 Doomsday Series - DKR Robin - Mattel 2016

When DC Universe Classics ended a few years ago I thought it was the end of an era. I was sad, but I acknowledged the reality that the line had probably run its course. And if I was being honest with myself, I would admit that I was getting really sick of the DCUC female buck. When Mattel first showed the Multiverse line, I was expecting more of the same. But I can honestly say I was very wrong about that. The two female figures in this Doomsday wave (Supergirl and Robin) are fantastic. They didn't skimp on the sculptural details and the unique buck used on Robin speaks volumes for the commitment to variety. The Dark Knight Strikes Again Wonder Woman and Burnside Batgirl figures shown at SDCC look like two of the most interesting Mattel figures I've ever seen. I'm really excited for the future of this line. They are proving that the character selection is practically limitless. My wishlist is suddenly getting really obscure and I'm loving the excited speculation. Let's check out Robin below!

I touched up the black paint around her glasses. I actually purchased four of this figure because every time I saw her in a store, I would think the new one had a better paint job than my one at home. At the end, they all had paint issues. The biggest problems were the black linework around the glasses and the flesh paint being rubbed off her elbow joint (exposing her green plastic underneath).

Carrie Kelley comes with her signature slingshot. 

I couldn't get the slingshot to fit too deep in her gripping hand. Though it doesn't really matter since the slingshot is sculpted in an "at rest" position instead of an action pose.

Her slingshot can also be worn in her belt loop.

Robin comes with Doomsday's Right Leg.

Carrie Kelley appeared in a New52 issue of Red Robin. I believe that was the first in-canon appearance of her.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Carrie with her 2004 DC Direct figure.

And here she is with her wave-mate, Supergirl. You can really see how small in stature this Robin figure is compared to a standard-height character like Kara.



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    1. Yeah me too. I just picked up the Eaglemoss figure of her and I'm looking forward to the Funko Pop and Animated style DCC figures coming out soon. I can't wait to have a whole little Carrie Kelley collection :)