Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Funko ReAction - The Dark Crystal's KIRA (WINGED)!

ReAction: The Dark Crystal - Garthim w/ Winged Kira - NYCC Exc - Funko 2016

The Dark Crystal is my favorite fantasy movie of all time. The story is spooky, insightful, and classic. As a kid it frightened and intrigued me, and as an adult the puppeteering details and production quality amaze me. When I started collecting toys, I knew without a doubt my collection would be incomplete without the world of Thra on my shelves. That's when I learned the sad merchandise history: a cancelled toyline, rare miniature pewters, and a slew of awesome but pricey statues. When ReAction first announced they were releasing the 1979 Alien prototypes, my first thought was "Oh my God we're going to get the cancelled Dark Crystal figures!" Three years later I'm actually holding the first couple figures. And although they are not the actual old Aviva molds, they are a thousand times better. The detail and love put into these is undeniable. The first two box sets were exclusives from SDCC & NYCC this year, but the rest of the gang will start showing up in stores next week. Let's check out Kira below!

So you can see from the sticker on the box that this set was a NYCC Exclusive limited to 500 pieces. I go to NYCC every year so I wasn't disturbed by this small production size. But then Funko announced a lottery system in order to even be allowed to purchase exclusives at the event. Unfortunately.. I didn't not win the lottery and I was heartbroken (yes I know how silly that sounds). But I ended up following the lead of some fellow convention-goers and stood like a fanboy at the Funko booth until I convinced one of the lucky lottery winners queuing in line to buy me the set. So a huge thank you to the tattooed guy who did me this favor. I know you thought I was going to turn around and sell it for a bundle on eBay. But no, it's my treasure and it now has a prominent spot in my new Henson shelf. I was the pitiful helpless looking dude in the red hat and you made my day. I met up with an old friend for lunch right afterwards and he even commented that I seemed giddy. If I win the Funko lottery next year I'm totally paying it forward. Let's all be happy collectors and stop all the scalping.

Look at this beautiful little gelfling. Kira will be released in a wingless version next week through Diamond. Her wings only come out twice in the movie, so this is a great choice for an exclusive.

Kira's wings are attached to her hooded cape, which you can remove.

Here is Kira with one of the Garthim. Although this set is exclusive and super rare right now. It was announced that it will be released (in some form) right before Christmas this year. Perhaps the Garthim will have a Podling cage on its back. Or maybe the Kira in that set will be the wingless one. Who knows. I would defintiely like another Garthim though.. they always come in groups. By the way, the TokyoPop graphic novel prequels, Legends of the Dark Crystal deal with the Garthim Wars where the Gelfling population is decimated by these wicked creatures (or so the evil skeksis thought.....)

Kira also comes with a closed-mouth Fizzgig. The wingless single-carded version of Kira will come with an open-mouth Fizzgig and a piece of the build-a-figure Dark Crystal. The Jen figure is from the SDCC Landstrider box set.  I think the Jen figure is identical to the upcoming single-carded release, but the SDCC version comes with a flute accessory and the regular version comes with the crystal shard (and a build-a-figure piece of course).

The Garthim is awesome (and heavy). All his leg and arm appendages are articulated, but that is it. No head or pincher joints.

Here is a picture of the cancelled Aviva/Hasbro Kira prototype. You can see that the ReAction figure is a wonderfully updated version of this original one. The packaging design, scale, and build-a-figure Crystal are all re-created perfectly. Someone at Funko clearly loves the Dark Crystal.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Kira, Fizzgig, and the Garthim with the SDCC Landstrider and Jen set.

And here is Kira with her Funko Pop released in August.


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  1. Great review and exhibition my friend. I am always delighted to see the thoughts and workings of someone who loves this film as I do. Tomorrow here in my hometown they are having a Labyrynth / Dark Crystal double feature at the drive-in. I'm definitely going. Take care my man, and I agree this line of figures is stunning.