Monday, November 28, 2016

MOTUC Filmation Style - EVIL LYN!

MOTUC - Club Grayskull - Evil Lyn - MattyCollector Exc - Mattel 2016

Evil-Lyn is the most iconic witch from my childhood. Her wicked undermining of Skeletor was something I looked forward to every day after school and was one of the main reasons that I developed an early fascination with villainesses. The original action figure was something I always wanted but never laid eyes on outside of the Sears catalogs. I remember the night in my post-college years when it donned on me that I could easily buy her on eBay. Within a week I was tearing open a box with my childhood treasures (Evil-Lyn and Teela) and I couldn't have been happier. It wasn't until relatively recently that I realized all the differences between the animated Filmation look and the toy version. Of course I immediately wanted an animated variant in MOTUC, but I honestly never expected one. It's kind of fitting that she is the last MOTU female to be released by Mattel. She isn't a perfect figure by any means, but I personally think she pretty great despite her flaws. Let's check her out in detail below!

The two packaging pictures on the Left are the slipcover that protects the inner package (shown on the Right).

I've been checking out many pictures of this figure online and it seems like the majority have wonky eyes. Luckily this animated style has really simple paint so I was able to fix it in about 5 minutes. Pictures further down below.

Something else that really bugs me is how the underside of her helmet (by her jawline) is yellow like her fleshtone.

Another gripe people have (but that I don't think is a major issue), is that the skintone of her face does not match her body. I can see the difference in these pictures, but in person it's not something that drastic to me.

Evil-Lyn comes with an alternate unhelmeted head. My paint on this one is pretty good. The eyeliner is heavier on her Left eye, but it doesn't bother me much.

So now my paint fix-up. The original pic is above, and the fixed one is below. All I did was even out her pupils. I know it looks like the whole eye moved, but all I did was paint her Right eye white (which coincidentally thinned out her too-thick bottom eyeliner) and then painted a new pupil. Then of course I used the black to also paint the inside of her helmet where it was showing. It was so easy and quick and I think she looks a thousand times better.

Let's talk about this monstrosity of a cape for a minute. It is a large, ungainly, thick piece of plastic. I can picture her cape from that scene where she's standing atop a mountain in the wind looking to the sky (from the very first episode) and it looked nothing like this. I've seen people just cut it down with scissors or melt it into a more flowing look. I'm going to do something with it, I just haven't decided what.

Besides the alternate head, Evil Lyn also comes with her signature crystal ball scepter and the Cordite Crystal.

The Cordite Crystal fits perfectly in her Left hand. There are finger holes and everything. 
The scepter however barely fits in her loose grip.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here is my collection of Evil-Lyns. From Left to Right, The NECA Bust from 2005, the NECA Staction from 2006 (with replacement flame), the Filmation MOTUC, the classic 1983 action figure, and the 2010 MOTUC figure.



  1. On the one hand, she's so pretty! Definitely one of the best-looking MOTUC figures in my opinion. On the other hand, however, she doesn't match any of the others in terms of style, which is a bit unfortunate :/

    1. Yeah it's a bit disheartening that they started such a classic style in the final throes of mattycollector. I would have loved Sorceress in this style. Who knows though, maybe Super7 will pull through.