Wednesday, November 30, 2016

POP DC Super Heroes - NEW 52 HARLEY QUINN!

POP! Heroes #121 - DC New 52 Harley Quinn - Hot Topic Exc - Funko 2016

Harley Quinn is clearly one of the all-time favorites over at the Funko Headquarters. I'm honestly shocked there hasn't been a Harley themed Legion of Collectors box yet. This Hot Topic Exclusive New 52 version is the 10th original sculpt in POP form. To go down the list: Harley with Gun, Harley with Mallet, Arkham Nurse, Arkham Knight, Roller Harley, and 4 Suicide Squad (Plain, Prisoner, Nightclub, and Dr. Quinzel). I think that's all of them. And I won't even touch on all the repaints (which I've officially given up on). This costume is my least favorite Harley look of all time. It's from her 2012 Suicide Squad squad appearances after the big DC reboot. I hate it so much. Yet somehow Funko has a way of making it tolerable. First with the SDCC Rock Candy figure, then the Pint-Size Heroes, and now this exclusive POP. Don't get me wrong, I still don't ever want this costume coming back, but I kind of like my little blue and red Harley collection. Let's check out the Hot Topic exclusive New 52 Harley below!

Time for a Group Pic!

From Left to Right: Funko Pint-Size Heroes, SDCC Rock Candy, LEGO, Funko POP, DC Collectibles, and KidRobot Vinyl.


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