Monday, December 12, 2016

Marvel Mini-Mates - SQUIRREL GIRL!

Marvel Minimates - Walgreen's Exc 2-Packs Wave 3 - Squirrel Girl - DST 2016

I've noticed something really interesting in the past few years. That is that female mini-mates come out in huge bursts. Last January we got a Spider-Gwen, Siryn, Domino, Copycat, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Dazzler within a few weeks of each other. And right now we're on the cusp of another Minimate avalanche. In a few days I should have a new Enchantress, Tigra, Deadpool 2099, Wolverine (Laura), Silk, and unmasked Spider-Gwen. Not to mention this awesome Squirrel Girl. This figure was announced in a simple slide at the end of the DST panel at NYCC (and SDCC maybe?). I didn't expect to find her so soon but I was hunting down the Walgreen's Ms. Marvel POP a few weeks ago and I discovered her. Hopefully they get inspired to complete the Great Lakes Avengers roster like they have been with Squadron Supreme. I would love a Dinah Soar more than anything. She's both ridiculous and awesome, just like Squirrel Girl. Let's check out this sciuromorphic beauty below!

Squirrel Girl comes with two acorns and three squirrel friends.

Squirrel Girl comes in a 2-Pack with Jet-Pack Spider-Man.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here she is with her Monogram Figural Keyring and Funko POP.



  1. yeah, squirrel girls gonna borrow that jet pack

    1. But a Squirrel Girl with no tail will just look like some ThunderCat extra! PS.. I just noticed this minimate has no ears on her headband.

    2. oof, youre right. that is strange. I wonder why her tail is real but her squirrel ears are not? didnt want to make her too 'furry' ? haha