Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jada Metals - WOMEN OF DC - Series 01!

Metals Die-Cast - Women of DC Comics - 2.5" Series 01 - Jada Toys 2016

I love getting obsessed over a new collectible. Especially when they are abundant and inexpensive. I mentioned in my Spider-Gwen review last week that I was really turned off by the larger 4" scale Jada Metals figures. They showed up in all the stores earlier this year for the BvS and Civil War movies and I honestly wasn't tempted at all. But then I saw the booth images from SDCC and I discovered that all it takes is 40% decrease in size to completely capture my attention. I had the exact same reaction to Mez-Itz. The full-sized ones didn't appeal to me whatsoever, but the Mini Mez-Itz have become a major favorite of mine. These 2.5" Metals retail for about $5 and seem to have perfect paintjobs. It's also a great gimmick to release multiple color variants of each sculpt right off the bat. I'm in no way planning on being a completist with this line, but I can tell the temptation will be strong. So far I'm thrilled and I can't wait to see what comes next. Let's check out the first Women of DC 2.5" line below!

My favorite of the first wave is Batgirl. The sculpt and vivid colors are perfect.

M383 - Batgirl (New 52) & M382 - Batgirl (Burnside)

Next up is Catwoman.  I like this figure a lot, but I wish she had better eyes. She looks a little startled.

M391 - Catwoman (Purple) & M390 - Catwoman (Black)

And here is Poison Ivy. The New 52 costume is very underused in the toy world.

M392 - Poison Ivy (New 52) & M393 - Poison Ivy (Jim Lee)

The Harley Quinn has a bit of a boring pose, but she's cute nonetheless. There's also a metallic chase version that I don't have.

M388 - Harley Quinn (Classic) & M389 -Harley Quinn (Black and White)

The Supergirl is my second favorite. I never realized how her hair color differs between version before. There is also a metallic chase variant that I do not have.

M394 - Supergirl (New 52 Kara) & M385 - Supergirl (Linda Danvers)

FYI - All of these figures have rather obstusive "CE" stamps on their backs. These are trademarks necessarily for sale in the European market.

And finally we have Wonder Woman...

M386 - Wonder Woman (Classic) - M387 - Wonder Woman (New 52)

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the bat-family ladies together.

And here is Batgirl with a (more common) 4" scale figure. Imagine that Spider-Gwen was standing erect and you can imagine the size difference.

These guys are adorably small. Here is Burnside Batgirl alongside her POP figure and Imaginext.

And finally here is all of Series 01 together (minus the chase Supergirl and Harley).



  1. First time I ever said this to you but I hate these. I hate the faces and the poses. I just hate them.

    1. I totally get what you are saying. I was trying to be diplomatic above, but I had the same visceral reaction to the larger 4" and 6" scales. Have you seen the 2.5" ones in person? They are so tiny and unobtrusive that the same qualities I loathe in the larger scales suddenly becomes kind of cute.

    2. Saw these! Love the white Super Girl... reminded me of Power Girl! Do they stand okay ...?

    3. Yeah they are pretty heavy and perfectly balanced. I had a little trouble with Harley, but only on the black felt backdrop for the photo shoot. On a solid shelf she's super sturdy.

  2. They are a bit gorilla-ish in proportion

    1. Yeah they definitely are. I would love it if they had slightly more realistic proportions, but the tiny scale helps.

  3. I love these! Would they be the same size as the Wonder Woman that was released as part of the Batman Vs. Superman line?

    1. No. I believe the Wonder Woman was released in the 4" and 6" scale only. They have 4" and 6" versions of this DC line as well, but they have different poses (like harley and batgirl each holding their weapons up in the air). I'm pretty sure the only other 2.5" figures released so far have been for Suicide Squad.