Friday, December 16, 2016

Suicide Squad - KATANA!

DC Multiverse: Suicide Squad - Killer Croc C-n-C #5 - Katana - Mattel 2016

I really haven't been a fan of Mattel's Suicide Squad offerings this year. I own one of the main Harley Quinns, but I honestly think it's one of the least appealing action figures I've bought in the last decade. I'm not a huge fan of this Katana either. I think they really half-assed this line (at least the women in it). I realize that realistic clothing details historically don't translate well into plastic and add a lot of unnecessary bulk, but I always hope they will improve each year. Also, if I'm being honest with myself, I'm just not a big fan of Katana overall. When I read comics, I want surreal quirky fantasy with impractical costumes and lots of personality. Katana is more of the kickass gritty variety. But in team rosters like Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad, I actually really appreciate her blunt seriousness to counterbalance all the upbeat characters. Back to the toy at hand though. Is this a horrible action figure? No. But is it disappointing? Yes. The comic figures have been so much better that the movie ones. Let's check her out!

The sculpt and design is actually very nice on this figure. The problem is on the production end with the bulkiness of the plastic. Her hair strands are awkwardly chunky, her belted sash sticks out like a hula hoop, and between the red "ribbon" in her armpits and the thickness of her jacket, her arms can only hang at unnatural 45 degree angles.

Katana comes with her signature katana as well as a shorter blade.

Both blades have scabbards that fit snuggly in her rigid belt and her upper body sash is removable.

People seemed to love her role in Suicide Squad. Her presence and backstory was taken right from the comic pages which always wins a lot of fans.

Katana comes with the Head and Pelvis of Killer Croc.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here she is with the DC Collectibles New52 Katana and the recent DC Super Hero Girls version.



  1. I honestly did not realize until the end of the article that this wasn't a smaller 3.75" figure. This is just... sad.

    1. Yeah with a 3.75" figure the short neck and bulky clothes would be acceptable. It will be interesting to see her in comparison with the actual 3.75" katana coming next month from Funko.