Sunday, January 22, 2017

DC Collectibles Icons - ATOMICA!

DC Collectibles Icons #12 - Atomica (Forever Evil) - DC Collectibles 2016

This figure has one of the most gorgeous sculpts of 2016 in my opinion. I make similar claims alot, but this one can be taken a little more seriously since I don't know anything about this character and picked her up purely because she was stunning. I liked her so much that I wanted to assemble a small collection of other Atomicas to simulate her size-changing abilities. That's why it took me so long to get this review posted. Atomica is a modern member of the Crime Syndicate, the other-dimensional evil JLA. As a counterpart to The Atom, I believe she is the only gender-swapped member of the team. Atomica was brought into the main DC reality by the Outsider where she aligned herself with the JLA with the subversive evil goal of bringing the rest of the Crime Syndicate (along with her lover Johnny Quick) to our world. She succeeded (by hacking into Cyborg's programming) and the evil JLA reigned terror until, of course, they were defeated (thanks!) Let's check out Atomica below!

Atomica comes with a 3" Atom, a 1.5" Atom (with a removable "atom halo"), and two extra hands.

This sculpt is so gorgeous. Sam Greenwell is one of my absolute favorite superhero sculptors. He can always make a figure look sexy, strong, and statuesque.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other female in the first wave of DC Icons, Harley Quinn.

And here's my small Atomica collection.  From Left to Right: DC Collectibles, Eaglemoss, DC Collectibles mini (Johnny Quick accessory), and Heroclix. Note that the Eaglemoss took a nosedive off my shelf and shattered (the chess pieces are plastic, not the durable lead). I glued her back together and repainted her. The original colors were much darker and pearlized (I like my new brighter palette better).

And here she is with the DC Collectibles Superwoman (from the 2014 Super-Villains Wave). It's unfortunate that they are in such different scales.

Here she is with the 2008 DCUC Atom.



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah she's great. Although I wish the accessory figures were of her and not the Atom.

  2. Are the Icons line scaled to fit with the DC Universe Classics line? They seem to be in that scale from what I can see

    1. Yeah they are *supposed* to be in DCUC scale, but in my mind they are too small to really fit in well. I just added a pic of Atomica with the DCUC Atom and you can see she's just a tad too short. Also, if you click the link for the Harley Icons figures, I have a side by side with her DCUC figure in that post. They're close to the same scale, but noticeably different.

  3. I love my DC Icons Atomica. One of my favorite things about the figure is the versitility of the sculpt. There is evil in it, but it is so subtle that she can pass for good as well. I was heartbroken when she turned out to be evil in the comics, so in my parallel universe, Rhonda is Forever Good and the Atom of my "Earth Icons" Justice League. I always loved the idea of taking the predominantly male Satellite Era Justice League and evening the ranks out a bit with a little gender-bending. I can't wait for Jessica Cruz who will be my Justice League's Green Lantern!

    1. I didn't read any of the Forever Evil stuff so I have no emotional connection to Atomica. Howver, after reading the beginning of her bio I also mistakenly thought she might be legitimately good. I knew she was in the Crime Syndicate, but reading that she came here and joined the JLA confused me for a bit. You're right how the sculpt has an expression that can be interpreted many ways. I totally forgot that Jessica Cruz was mention at SDCC. If I'm right, she should be due in August so we should definitely see her at Toy Fair in a few weeks!