Monday, January 23, 2017

Jada Metals - Suicide Squad - HARLEY QUINN!

Metals Die-Cast - Suicide Squad - 2.5" Series 01 Harley Quinn - Jada Toys 2016

I'm very aware that most of my readers do not like the Jada Metals figures at all, but I still maintain that the tiny 2.5" ones are really cute. Now that they seem to be readily available in the new Funko sections at Walmart, you can go check them out for yourselves (Especially the Batgirl figure, she's my favorite). These Suicide Squad Harleys were on my radar since summertime, but I wasn't really planning on getting them until I saw them last week on the shelves. Now I'm just hoping they scale down all the cool Marvel ladies into this scale. I would love a Lady Deadpool and She-hulk at the very least. It's painful for me to pass on all the cool 4" character I see in the stores, but I'm steadfastly holding out for the smaller size. I think the Harleys in this Suicide Squad line are especially fun because they made multiple original variants. In the 2.5" series, the domino-masked and ponytailed hybrid is weird but cool. I'm excited to see what else they show at Toy Fair. Let's check out the Harleys below!

On the Left is M423 (Regular Movie Harley) and on the Right is M429 (Weird Comic Hybrid Variant)

Her ponytails are actually made of a semi-flexible plastic instead of the diecast metal you'd expect from this line.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here they are with the regular comic version.



  1. I wanted to get one for my Harley Quinn collection but the 'puddin' necklace not being painted kind of put her at the bottom of my 'to get' list. I know it's an easy fix but I don't think I should be the one 'fixing' my figures. Eh, the life of a collector

    1. You know, I didn't even notice the lack of the necklace. Did she wear it the whole film? I actually think the necklace is a big part of what made the Mattel Multiverse Harley so unappealing... just because it was made too thick and bulky. I'm curious to see how it looks on the Mafex and SHFIGUARTS figures in person.

  2. She loses the necklace at the end of the film right before the final boss fight. At least in the pics, the SH Figuarts one looks good. The Mattel one's necklace looked bad but I think the bad sculpt is why it did