Saturday, January 7, 2017


DC Multiverse: Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn - Amazon Exc - Mattel 2016

Easily the biggest (toy-related) disappointment for me in 2016 has been Mattel's Suicide Squad line. The male figures have been decent for the most part, but the ladies were pretty horrible. There were two Harley Quinn versions in stores; one with a jacket, and one without. Both are beastly and way too subtle of a variation to warrant two figures. I have one of them and plan on customizing the hell out of it to see if I can make it better. The Katana is better, but not by much. The only acceptable female in the wave was this Amazon-exclusive "Nightclub Harley" but the problem is that I seriously doubt anyone really cares about this outfit. Come to think of it, my customization might actually entail swapping heads. And if I do that, I can easily replace this figure in my collection because she's usually super-cheap on Amazon (Currently $9.89). I really hope the next Harley movie (Gotham City Sirens?) brings us some apology figures in this scale and price point. Let's check out Nightclub Harley Quinn below!

This exclusive Harley comes with an alternate set of unbandaged hands for Killer Croc.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I feel like as brief a glimpse as it was in the film itself, Harley in her classic outfit would've been a much better candidate for an exclusive variant than the nightclub look.

    1. That would be amazing. I can't wait to see how they change her in the Gotham City Sirens movie. I hope they pay homage to the classic look a little bit.

  2. Horrible line. I quite enjoy the movie, so I will pick up Harley from Figuarts and this dressed up version from Mafex.
    Cannot make up my mind on Katana as I love the characters since The Outsiders, and there isn't a lot of figures of her.
    I wish Figuarts would make a Katana, and where is Enchantress? Besides the Rock Candy version there's no one doing 6" figures...

    1. I enjoyed the movie a lot too. I saw it in the theatre twice. I'm definitely getting either the Mafex of SHFiguarts Harley, but I think I might wait until I see them in person to decide. Plus I haven't actually opened my Mafex DKR Catwoman or my Injustice SHFiguarts Harley, so scoping out those two may help me decide as well. Yeah I don't know what Enchantress is getting the shaft. I just got the Rock Candy and she looks awesome. I hope that means a SS Harley is coming as well.