Thursday, January 5, 2017

Marvel Legends - ENCHANTRESS (V2)!

Marvel Legends - Dormammu Series - Mystic Rivals - Enchantress - Hasbro 2016

When this Enchantress figure was announced this past August I was royally pissed off. I had just dropped roughly $140 for the giant SDCC exclusive Raft boxset (specifically to get the Enchantress figure and sell off the rest). The Dr. Strange/Dormammu wave was only a month from hitting the shelves and the lineup had been announced, or so we thought. But five days after the SDCC Hasbrotoyshop sale they announced this slightly repainted version would be a secret addition to the retail wave. I felt really taken advantage of. And I had been on cloud nine with the Marvel Legends line for years so that really bummed me out. But then when I saw her in person I decided there were enough color variations to warrant a duplicate purchase. Yes, both figures are blonde in green outfits, but almost every shade is different. This character gets so little play in the merchandise world that I couldn't help myself. Anyway, I still feel like a sucker so I put off this review for 4 months. Let's (finally) check her out below!

Enchantress came with the torso of the Dormammu Build-a-Figure.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the SDCC version. I like the colors of the SDCC version better, but the retail version had tighter joints and was much easier to pose.

And here with is with Nico Minoru, the other lady in the Dr. Strange wave.



  1. I felt exactly the sa,e as you. But as you said, there are none other in ML, so I had to have them both.

    I'm looking forward to your best of the year, thou.

    1. I just picked up the new Enchantress minimate, too. Pretty cool to get so many figures of her within 5 months of each other.

      I still have several 2016 items to open and photograph before I can even think about posting a year-end review. MY goal is to have it all wrapped up by Toy Fair though.