Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Marvel Tsum Tsum - WOMEN OF POWER!

Marvel Tsum Tsum Series 2 - Women of POWer! Walmart Exc - Jakks Pacific 2016

I can't say I really understand the Tsum Tsum trend. They started in Japan (of course) as a cute stackable line of plush Disney character collectibles. I always thought they were supposed to be gerbils or something, but apparently they are shaped this way just to be stackable. Either way, between the fact that they were plush, large (7-11"), over-stlyistic (in my opinion), and centered on characters I wasn't interested in collecting, they were just completely off my radar. Then the Marvel characters started and I began to pay attention. But I still wasn't tempted because of the plush thing. Then along comes Jakks with a license to produce small vinyl versions. I honestly wasn't planning to get any until I came across this 9-figure Women of POWer set at Walmart. Getting an instant collection like that was quite an incentive. I actually think I will try to get all the ladies in the collection now that I'm only missing a few. They're pretty cute little additions to my collections. Let's check out the Women of Power below!

Included in the set are:

Gamora                      Wasp                  Black Widow
Ms. Marvel              Spider-Gwen                       Thor
She-Hulk               Spider-Woman                  Medusa

Like the original Disney plushes, these vinyl minis come in three sizes. The small ones are roughly the size of a jelly bean, the medium ones are about the size of a grape, and the large ones are roughly the size of a peach pit. Each character will eventually be available in all sizes. So you could stack up three small-medium-large Medusas if you wanted.

The only existing female character not included in this set are Black Cat, Mary Jane, Nebula, and Tigra. And coming in Series 03 will be Squirrel Girl and White Tiger. They were just unveiled over at tsumtsumcentral.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I never understood the thought process behind the choices of characters who are selected for the small ones compared to those who are bigger. I see Wasp being small, that makes sense, but the others I don't get...maybe I too don't understand the Tsum Tsum phenomenon

    1. Actually every character is available in every size (or will be eventually). Some of the sizes for different character or more rare than others. There's a collector's chart inside this package that shows them all. So, yea, there's a large sized wasp in the 3-packs and also a tiny SHe-Hulk.

    2. That's good info to know then. Probably makes collecting these in the scale you want a bit of a challenge but what would our hobby be like without some challenges?

  2. I didn't understand the design choice either until I played the free iphone game for about five mintues, and then it clicked. See, they're little pieces in a puzzle game like Puyo Pop or Tetris...but they're also characters that level up.
    Also, I really like the array of different options they give collectors.