Monday, January 30, 2017


Power Rangers: Ninja Steel - White & Pink Ranger Action Heroes - Bandai 2016

I'm really curious to see how well this current incarnation of the Power Rangers franchise does this year. On one hand, the movie merchandise and popularity could overshadow the Ninja Steel show. But on the flipside, kids might just be in non-stop Ranger mode and the show could act as a natural continuation of their excitement. I'll be interested to see which way it goes. I'm personally not super excited about the Ninja Steel series. Mostly just because I don't have a fascination with ninjas (Last year's constant Ranger coverage was because I do happen to have a fascination with dinosaurs). If the future powered up modes look interesting, I'll pick them up, but I highly doubt I will be a completist. In the Japanese version of the show, there was a female Green Ranger that joined the team. If she shows up in the American version and gets a toy I'll be ecstatic. Any females that aren't pink or yellow are totally appealing to me... like the awesome White Ranger in Ninja Steel! Let's check out Pink and White below!

I know we can expect lots of different "powered up" versions of the main five Rangers over the course of the next year (solicit pics of the "Master Mode" versions are already posted). But here are some other awesome ladies from the series that I hope make it into the American show and the toyline.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here they are with the first iteration of the Dino Charge Rangers from last year.



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    1. Yes indeed, but she's not a "main" ranger in the series so she might not get a toy (the the female Aqua ranger in Dino Charge). But the NEXT Ranger series (which we might see by 2018) has another green female in the main lineup.