Friday, February 17, 2017

Power Rangers - Morphin Power PINK RANGER!

Power Rangers - Morphin Power Light-Up Figures - Pink Ranger - Bandai 2017

Sometimes a nice gimmick is all I need to convince me to make a purchase. When I saw this Morphin Power Pink Ranger in stores last month, it was only the second style of Power Rangers movie merchandise I had seen. I wasn't blown away by overall design of the figure - at 7" tall, she just seems like a scaled-up version of her 5" figure. Plus she has extremely limited articulation: just five joints and a completely immobile lower body. However, once I hit the button and saw the pulsing blue glow in her chest, I was hooked. I don't even remember what light-up toys I had as a kid, definitely Gloworms and Blackstar figures, but something I had definitely reminds me of this feature and fills me with a vague nostalgia I can't put my finger on. It's going to be hard to decide which Power Rangers movie merchandise to invest in. There's already so much on the shelves and the movie isn't even out yet. I guess I'll just have to fall prey to the gimmicky ones! Let's check out the Morphin Power Pink Ranger below!

So I forgot to take a photo highlighting her articulation, or lack thereof. Pink Ranger has a swivel neck, hinge elbows, and hinge-and-swivel shoulders. There is no torso, waist, wrist, leg, knee, or ankle articulation at all. The main gimmick of these figure is the light-up feature in their chest. By pressing the button on her belt, the translucent portions of her torso slowly pulse blue before staying on with a solid light. Pressing the button again turns it off.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is next to her standard release figure.

Ans here she is with the 6" Legacy Blue Wind Ranger.



  1. i ordered this online and didn't realize she had no articulation aside from her head and arms so i was kind of bugged about that but it's cool in it's own little way i suppose.

    any idea of when the legacy movie figures are coming out ?

    1. Yeah I still think she's cool though. At toy Fair they said there is a Rita coming out in this scale. She won't light up but she will be holdign weapons that spin.

      The Legacy figures are on the shelves now. I bought Pink and Yellow at Toys R Us on Monday. There was an announcement a few months ago that the street date was either MArch 1st or March 15th (I can't remember) but they are definitely our now because I've seen them in multiple stores.