Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lost Exo-Realm - COMERA & ECHARA!

Lost Exo-Realm - Comera (LER-05) & Echara (LER-06) - FansProject 2017

One of the things that has always kept me from becoming a full-fledged Transfromers fanatic is the lack of female characters. Sure, there were a handful of classic episodes with awesome fembots, but each time a fun new faction of autobot or decepticon was introduced, I was constantly wishing for a female member. Where was the lady Stunticon? Aerialbot? Constructicon? Protectobot? Insecticon? It was such a missed opportunity for true inclusiveness. That's why I was super excited when the 3rd Party Transformer company, FansProject, unveiled two long-awaited female DinoBots. Comera transforms into a Raptor and Echara tranforms into a Pachycephalosaur. I love the fact that they are fierce dinosaurs. I think if I had to imagine what dinosaur the first female "not-Dinobot" would be, a Velociraptor would be nowhere on the list. These figures are great. The design is top notch, the transforming mechanics are well thought-out, and I love the classic color scheme. Let's check them out below!


The box has a velcro window flap for display.

So I feel like I need to comment on the breasts. Simply put, they are gratuitous and unnecessary. I totally appreciate when fembots have a feminine silhouette, but I wish they were more "robotic" and less silly. But on the flipside, they remind me of the Mazinger Angels with their chest missiles. So in a way, I can view this design as a throwback to the original fembots.

When when you first pull these figures out of the package, the dinosaur-head-kibble is connected and "hidden" behind their backs (as opposed to being displayed like wings). My initial photoshoot had them tucked back behind (incorrectly) but I thought I would include some of the pictures because it's an interesting display alternative.


Here are some Dinobot pics. These figures are seriously inspired.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two dinosaur modes together.

From Left to Right: MasterMind Creations Salvia Prominion, Comera, and Botcon Airazor from Hasbro.



  1. Man. If only the head halves could be downturned in wing mode. I always try to picture what it would be like, lugging kibble around in real life. The closer they aimed to the center of gravity, the better.

    1. Yeah you're right, I wish they could move a little to provide some kibble-hiding options, but I also kind of like that they look like wings.

      Whenever I go to NYCC I take this backpack that can expand as I fill it with my purchases. By the end of the day it's so big that I joke that it's my kibble... but no one gets it haha.