Monday, March 27, 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends - CHEETAH!

DC Imaginext - Cheetah & Sinestro Target Exc - Mattel/Fisher-Price 2015

Imaginext has been pretty cruel to us collectors over the past few years by teasing this extremely elusive 2-pack. It was announced two years ago as a Target Exclusive, which a lot of the DC Super Friends were at the time, so I assumed that it would be relatively easy to find (especially considering I have a whopping 18 Targets within my monthly stomping grounds). But despite a few eBay appearances from the Oregon/Washington area (which sold for hundreds of dollars), these characters were a no-show.  Then miraculously a few months ago, a shipment seems to have been nabbed by a few re-sellers and they were posted in large quantities on eBay and Amazon for very reasonable prices (ten to twenty dollars - which is double the shelf price, but worth it for the rarity). Anyway, I finally got my hands on this precious little feline and I love her. There are a lot of new female Imaginext due this year, so hopefully the same distribution problems don't happen again. Let's check out the long-awaited Cheetah below!

Not two months after I got the original Cheetah was this modern version announced as a tie-in with the upcoming Wonder Women line.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate, Sinestro.

And with her main rival, Wonder Woman.



  1. I've never gotten into the Imaginext figures, but I love there playsets! Many of Diana's rouge gallery gets the short shift in toy form, so I always love seeing Cheetah figures. I was really disappointed that we didn't get a Cheetah in the Batman Unlimited line. Actually there were NO females in that line, even though both Cheetah and Silver Banshee had significant roles in the animated movies that supported the line.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm kind of obsessed over exclusive DVD figurines and I really expected the Animal Instincts DVD to come with a miniature Cheetah, but instead it came with a Fire Bat. I think the old style figurines are done now anyway since they've just been including Schleich figures lately.

    2. I'm glad you realized I meant the 4" Batman Unlimited line (I didn't specify). I guess I should be grateful Diana and Harley made it into their 12" basic line.

      I can't imagine how many more DVDs they'd sale if they included articulated figures again rather than the glorified cake toppers - lol.

  2. Found one on ebay for $70 yesterday, not a huge cheetah fan but im glad they included the human version (the version where shes part cheetah was always weird to me) but i mainly got the pack for sinestro, definitely a must have figure, especially for green lantern fans, it obviously hasnt arrived yet but i know ill have fun with it